Total Laps:52
Track:5.891km (3.66mi)
Race:306.33km (190.32mi)
Fastest Lap:L.Hamilton 1:30.621
Silverstone has had more facelifts than any other track on the calendar, yet it's managed to retain its fast and challenging nature. Not only are the drivers presented with one of the most technically demanding circuits, they are also forced to contend with the unpredictable weather conditions common to Silverstone's micro-climate. Prevailing winds are a concern at the old airfield and can affect the car's drivability, so must be carefully considered in the set-up process. A traditional track, Silverstone naturally boasts several areas which promote overtaking. The British Grand Prix is a punishing endurance test. The blend of high and slow speed corners, connected by three long straights, creates an uncompromisingly fast circuit, one that inevitably rewards engine power but one which also demands a delicately balanced set-up to cope with the high speed directional changes.