Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Race Ended
Yas Marina Circuit - 24th Nov. - 26th Nov. 2017
Fastest Lap - V.Bottas 1:40.650
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:34:14.062 13 1 25
2 2
Mercedes+3.899 4 1 18
3 3
Ferrari+19.330 1 1 15
5 4
Ferrari+45.386 0 1 12
6 5
Red Bull+46.269 0 1 10
7 6
Renault+85.713 0 1 8
8 7
Force India+92.062 0 1 6
9 8
Force India+98.911 0 1 4
11 9
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 2
10 10
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 1
16 11
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
13 12
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
14 13
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
18 14
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
20 15
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
17 16
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
19 17
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
15 18
Williams+1 Lap 0 3 0
12 -
  C.Sainz Jr
RenaultWheel 0 1 0
4 -
Red BullHydraulics 0 1 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Bottas seals the 2017 season in style for Mercedes with a 1-2 in what was a typical uneventful race that charachterises the Yas Marina circuit. It was mostly a procession at the front with Vettel heading Raikkonen and Verstappen.

Let's hope the 2018 season isn't as "exciting" as this race.
Lap 55: Last lap. Time to sign, seal and deliver. BOTTAS WINS THE ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX. Vettel is P3 but finishes runner up in the championship. Hulkenberg catapults Renault to sixth in the championship
Lap 54: Over 4.5 secs at the top. This race belongs to Bottas now. Only remote hope for a battle is now between Kimi and Max.
Lap 53: The battle at the front has been called off. 3.6 sec gap at the front now.
Lap 52: Bottas has now opened gap to over 2.5 secs.
Lap 51: Mrs Emilia Bottas watches intensely from the Mercedes garage.
Lap 50: The gap now over a second at the front. Difficult for Hamilton to follow through in the final sector, the sequence of 90 degree turns killing Lewis' challenge.
Lap 49: About three-tenths between the Mercedes drivers. Will Hamilton attack? Alonso in the way now in the final sector. This could help Bottas.
Lap 48: Hamilton now sniffing Bottas' rear.
Lap 47: Hulkenberg crucially still running P6, that would give Renault sixth place in the championship.
Lap 46: Verstappen has shaved some 1.3 secs from Kimi in the last 4 laps. The gap now 1.8 secs between the twp.
Lap 45: Bottas seems to have learnt his lesson from Brazil. Getting the holeshot and maintaining his lead, and defending the overcut... so far.
Lap 44: Lap 44. No inroads yet for car no. 44.
Lap 43: "Oh, they are so fast on the straights," moans Wehrlein, his frustration bottling up behind Kevin.
Lap 42: Justice served to Kevin as Pascal passes him, leaving the Haas in the clutches of Hartley. But the more balanced Haas gets past the Sauber relatively easily.
Lap 41: Magnussen has ruined the Kimi vs Max battle as the Haas comes in the Red Bull's away, ballooning the gap for P4 from just over a sec to about 3 secs.
Lap 40: And the Verstappen vs Kimi battle is heating up too.
Lap 39: Meanwhile, the gap between the Mercedes drivers about the same. But they are pushing each other.
Lap 38: Wehrlein now tailing Magnussen. Impressive from the Sauber driver.
Lap 37: The top 13 are now running on supersoft tyres.
Lap 36: Alonso asks where teammate Vandoorne is. Then asks if the team can do anything to get the Belgian in the points.
Lap 35: Hulkenberg is now the lone hope for Renault to leapfrog ahead of Toro Rosso in the constructors' championship.
Lap 34: Verstappen has closed the gap to just under a second to Kimi.
Lap 33: Sainz pits, but his front left isn't fitted well and he has to retire as his wheel wobbles.
Lap 32: Toto Wolff is all smiles with this battle at the front.
Lap 31: Verstappen now reeling Raikkkonen in, by the thousandths for now.
Lap 30: Hamilton is stalking Bottas now. Not close enough yet. Hamilton goes deep into Turn 11 and then Turn 17. Bit of a lock up. That's the battle neutralised... for now.
Lap 29: Remember, Hamilton pitted a few laps later than Bottas, so the four-time champion will have slightly better tyres. Particularly towards the end of the stint.
Lap 28: Hamilton now up and close with Bottas. Less than a second between the two. A battle looming?
Lap 27: Christian Horner reports Ricciardo's exit was to do with a potential hydraulic failure.
Lap 26: "Hamilton makes his stop, rejoins second behind Bottas: they should now go to the end and finish in that order," reckons Pirelli.
Lap 25: "You need about 21 seconds to make a pit stop here; Hamilton is currently around 19 seconds behind Bottas," Pirelli explains why Lewis is still out there.
Lap 24: Massa and Alonso squabble. Fernando is faster than Massa. Yep. McLaren now ahead of the Mercedes-powered Williams, his retirement justified.
Lap 23: Yellow flags cleared. Hamilton stays out. Massa pits for the supersofts.
Lap 22: Bottas pits. Perfect timing, taking advantage of the yellow flags. Can Hamilton respond to this and find an advantage?
Lap 21: "Bottas is beginning to build up the sort of comfortable margin that he needs to protect his advantage during the pit stops," says Pirelli. Vettel pits. Hulkenberg ahead of Grosjean now. Ricciardo skims across the grass and parks it. His season is over. Yellow flags in sector 2.
Lap 20: Ricciardo now stops for supersofts. Hulkenberg gets past Grosjean. Haas now hits back at the Renault and powers ahead.
Lap 19: The top four are yet to stop. Still on the used ultrasofts.
Lap 18: Raikkonen is currently P6, the highest supersoft runner. Hulkenberg pits for supersofts, but before that he serves his five-second penalty. The stop goes pear-shaped as right-rear refuses to come off smoothly.
Lap 17: Gasly spins just before the last corner, yellow flags wave briefly.
Lap 16: Raikkonen pits for the supersofts.
Lap 15: Verstappen pits for the supersofts.
Lap 14: Hamilton is told to take Turn 9 in second gear.
Lap 13: Grosjean has made up 3 places, the most by any driver in this race so far. Yeah, it's one of those races.
Lap 12: Stroll pits. He takes on the supersofts.
Lap 11: Grosjean is told to respect the dotted lines at Turn 11. The Frenchman is fed up with the rules. Grosjean forces on the outside at Turn 8, then keeps Stroll on the outside as they approach Turn 11. Romain makes sure his Haas comes out ahead once again.
Lap 10: Grosjean makes another attempt but Stroll is resilient and ahead.
Lap 9: Grosjean continues to hassle Stroll.
Lap 8: The top 12 have made no gains, or drops, from their starting grid positions. Still!
Lap 7: Grosjean and Stroll now fighting for P13. The Haas takes him under braking at Turn 8 but Stroll gets a better exit and sweeps past the Frenchman on the next straight.
Lap 6: "Clean getaway, expect the first stops from around lap 15. But there’s a wide pit stop window here, so strategies are flexible," Pirelli adds.
Lap 5: "Optimal strategy for the 55-lap Abu Dhabi GP is a one-stopper: one stint on ultrasoft for 15-30 laps then supersoft to flag," reckons Pirelli. "Low degradation; strategy also works the other way round for those starting outside top 10: start on supersoft and finish on ultrasoft."
Lap 4: Hulk gets a five-second time penalty. Replays show Magnussen spun on his own on lap 1.
Lap 3: Bottas nearly 1.5 secs ahead of Hamilton already. No change in the order in the top 12. Remarkable! Hulkenberg under investigation for gaining an advantage by cutting a corner.
Lap 2: Hulkenberg complains that Perez pushed him off the track and the Force India driver complains the Hulk cut the track. Perez argues Hulkenberg will have to give him the position. It's for P7, this one.
Lap 1: Wehrlein, Ericsson and Hartley the only ones to start on the supersofts. Rest on the ultras. The top ten are running used ultrasofts, the ones they used in Q2. The five red lights go out for the final time in 2017... the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is GO! Bottas stays ahead at Turn 1 and he maintains lead. Magnussen spins a few corners later. Hulkenberg battles with Perez further down and then further ahead Kimi and Daniel go side by side, momentarily.
Preview: It's a Mercedes 1-2 on the grid but it's Bottas ahead of Hamilton, the Finn making sure he carried his Brazil qualifying momentum to Abu Dhabi. He would want to end the season on a high. But remember, Hamilton is running a fresh power unit with plenty of juice in it. Ferrari's only hope is a good start but that in itself may not be enough. Let's see how the race spells out on Sunday, starting at 1300 GMT.
Temp: 24°C
Forecast: Clear
Track: Dry

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