Singapore Grand Prix
Race Ended
Marina Bay Street Circuit - 14th Sep. - 16th Sep. 2018
Fastest Lap - K.Magnussen 1:41.905
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:51:11.611 6 1 -
2 2
Red Bull+8.961 0 1 -
3 3
Ferrari+39.945 1 1 -
4 4
Mercedes+51.930 0 1 -
5 5
Ferrari+53.001 0 1 -
6 6
Red Bull+53.982 3 1 -
11 7
McLaren+103.011 1 1 -
12 8
  C.Sainz Jr
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 -
13 9
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 -
10 10
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 -
14 11
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 -
18 12
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 -
15 13
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 -
20 14
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 -
8 15
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 -
7 16
Racing Point Force India+1 Lap 0 3 -
17 17
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 2 -
16 18
Haas+2 Laps 1 3 -
19 19
Williams+2 Laps 0 2 -
9 -
Racing Point Force IndiaCollision 0 0 -
Live Commentary
Summary: What an outstanding race for the Mercedes! Lewis Hamilton emerged as the deserving winner after a neat strategy by his team. The Brit got off to a steady start and built on his time thereafter. Sebastian Vettel, his main title rival, managed to go past Max Verstappen at the very beginning but Red Bull executed their plan to perfection by getting the Dutch out ahead of Vettel after their first pit-stop. The fact that the German was on a pair of UltraSoft tyres, it didn't permit him to press forward with much speed as his concentration, later on, was more on preserving his tyres. With both Hamilton and Verstappen running on Soft tyres, it allowed them the liberty to go hard without thinking much about wear and tear of their rubbers.

Mercedes had a good evening as Valtteri Bottas finished fourth. Kimi Raikkonen ended at P5, followed by Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo. The two-time winner at the Marina Bay, Fernando Alonso, also had a strong race and came seventh. Renault will be satisfied with their drivers' performance as well, as both Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg found a place in the top 10. Sauber's Charles Leclerc was the other driver to gain some points from this race.

Right then, as things stand, it's Lewis Hamilton swelling his lead over Sebastian Vettel by 40 points in the Drivers Championship. As far as, the Constructors Championship is concerned, Mercedes are now 37 points clear of Ferrari at the top.

That's all we have from this race. We look forward to your company for the Russian GP. Do join us on 28th September at 1100 local (0800 GMT) for FP1. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!
Lap 61: The chequered flag is waved and HAMILTON WINS the Singapore GP for the fourth time and equals Sebastian Vettel. "Great job everyone, what a weekend, keep pushing, we've got this guys!" A jubilant Lewis Hamilton on the team radio. Max Verstappen takes P2, the best result for him on this circuit. Sebastian Vettel comes third best, a big disappointment for the German as he couldn't put up the fight in spite of having the pace.
Lap 60: Hamilton will be extending his championship lead to 40 points. For Vettel, it will be like climbing a mountain as it will all boil down to the final 6 races of the season. The Brit is starting his final lap now...
Lap 59: Three more laps left. Top 10 have not seen any change in positions.
Lap 58: Hamilton is sitting comfortably at P1 with a 7-second advantage over Verstappen. It looks like Vettel has turned down his engine as he now is 21 seconds behind the Red Bull.
Lap 57: A stat which will really please Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes - All the winners of the Singapore GP have gone on to become World Champions.
Lap 56: Bottas getting frustrated! He is complaining on Radio - "This is not acceptable" as he is stuck behind the traffic.
Lap 55: With only 6 laps to go, everything seems to be falling in place for Mercedes and Hamilton. Leclerc is currently at P9. He has been promising and the future Ferrari driver has shown his skills in every race.
Lap 54: Kevin Magnussen, on a pair of new HyperSofts, sets the fastest time of the race. Too late though. He is running second-last at the moment. Meanwhile, Ricciardo at P6 is on the back of Raikkonen. This would spice up things a bit. Let's see who comes out on top. Bottas, though, is defending his P4 spot diligently.
Lap 53: Force India and Haas are the teams who after doing so well in the Qualifying failed to carry the same momentum into the race. They are at the back of the pack. Indeed a dismal outing.
Lap 52: Max Verstappen just did his personal best on the last lap. Also, Kevin Magnussen is done with his third pit stop, only Sergio Perez has taken so many in this race.
Lap 51: Bottas at P4 is having trouble as Raikkonen is keeping him on his toes with only 0.5 second in between them.
Lap 50: Ricciardo sets the fastest lap of the race - 1.43.335. He is closing-in on Raikkonen who is placed fifth at the moment.
Lap 49: Done and dusted with 48 laps of this year's Singapore GP. The top 6 remain unchanged as of now. Mercedes seem all set to extend their advantage over Ferrari in the Drivers and Constructors Championship.
Lap 48: Right then, Bottas is catching up to Vettel, who is 5 seconds clear. The news coming in now is that Sirotkin is handed a 5-second penalty for pushing a driver out of track.
Lap 47: After serving his drive-through penalty, Perez comes back on the track and wastes no time in going past Sirotkin for P18.
Lap 46: Alonso running on Soft tyres sets the best time of the race. He continues to be at P7 and is expected to end there.
Lap 45: Another penalty awarded. This time Romain Grosjean is at the receiving end for ignoring the Blue Flag. A 5-second penalty for him, who is currently running at P13.
Lap 44: Magnussen goes past Hartley at the back-end. As far as the race leader is concerned, Hamilton is in cruise control of the situation, 3 seconds ahead of Verstappen and 9 seconds clear of Vettel.
Lap 43: Sainz and Ericsson are fighting for P8 at the back of the track. Nothing much to choose between the two drivers.
Lap 42: Sergio Perez accepts his mistakes and is now seen driving through the pit-lane.
Lap 41: We have completed 40 laps of the Singapore GP! The positions have mostly remained unchanged ever since everyone completed their 1st pit-stop.
Lap 40: The verdict is out - Drive through penalty for Sergio Perez for his collision with Sirotkin.
Lap 39: Further behind, Raikkonen is closing-in on Bottas, who is holding onto P4. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen is not too pleased after lapping Grosjean and Sirotkin. There was a possibility of a collision there and hence the Red Bull driver expressed his anger.
Lap 38: Traffic is costing Hamilton as Verstappen has caught up to him. The Dutch tries to make a move but Hamilton smartly defends his position. A nervy moment though for the Mercedes star driver.
Lap 37: Hamilton making his way through the traffic. His last lap took 2 seconds off between the Brit and Verstappen.
Lap 36: Turn 18 incident involving Perez and Sirotkin is under investigation which caused a collision.
Lap 35: Fastest lap record now set by Ricciardo - 1:43.853. He is currently placed P6.
Lap 34: Oh dear! Puncture for Perez. He was really getting frustrated after spending a lot of time behind Sirotkin. Finally, he attempts a move on him, goes wheel-to-wheel but in the process makes contact with Sirotkin's car. Debris flying. But no harm done to the Russian. Perez though will have to visit the pits. Meanwhile, Hulkenberg takes advantage of that drama and moves to P13 from P15.
Lap 33: Williams' team radio to Sirotkin - "Keep doing what you're doing" as he holds back Perez and this is costing the Mexican some race points.
Lap 32: Lewis Hamilton is 4 seconds clear to Verstappen and 9 seconds clear to his title rival. Bottas and Raikkonen complete the top 5.
Lap 31: With only one DNF of Ocon, we are smoothly half-way through this exciting night race.
Lap 30: At the back of the field, Alonso is holding his position at P7 followed by Sainz. Both the Spaniards are among the six drivers who are yet to pit and are on UltraSofts.
Lap 29: Lewis Hamilton continues to increase his gap with Sebastian Vettel. It appears that Mercedes have outclassed Ferrari with their pinpoint strategy.
Lap 28: Vettel is closing in on Verstappen. At the other end of the spectrum, Perez is struggling to move past Sirotkin.
Lap 27: Gasly complaining about his grip now. A charging Leclerc is keeping him under pressure. In fact, Leclerc makes his move and goes past the French. Gasly dives to the pits and he is followed by Magnussen. Meanwhile, Ricciardo takes his first pit-stop after going almost half-way through the race.
Lap 26: As the race progresses, there have been signs of rain but it looks like it has stopped for now. Red Bull though informs Ricciardo over the radio - "There will be a slight drizzle".
Lap 25: Gasly and Leclerc, the future stars to lookout for, are fighting for P9. An interesting tussle, this.
Lap 24: Lewis Hamilton has moved to P2 now. The Brit will lead the race once again as Ricciardo, who is the current leader, is due to hit the pit-lane soon. Meanwhile, Perez is trying to go past the Williams of Sirotkin. He is breathing down the Russian's neck, only a second behind.
Lap 23: The answer to the last question is no. Raikkonen is in the pits now. As expected, the Finn's car is put on the Softs. Ricciardo is in the lead, momentarily, he hasn't visited the pit-lane yet.
Lap 22: Kimi Raikkonen continues with his run and feels that his tyres are doing good. Will he stay longer to hamper Hamilton's progress?
Lap 21: Not a good feeling this. Vettel expresses his disappointment over the radio by saying that he feels he's on a wrong set of tyres. Will the German be able to nurse his tyres or will everything go wrong for Ferrari today? This is a let down for a team that was dominating on Friday and Saturday.
Lap 20: The Championship seems to be slipping away from Vettel. His only chance to win this race is if he overtakes Verstappen and Hamilton which currently isn't looking very promising. Now then, Bottas is closing-in on Vettel. The Finn is only 2 seconds behind him. In the meantime, Alonso has moved to P7.
Lap 19: Right now, Raikkonen is leading the race but he's yet to pit. Maybe, Ferrari will have a different strategy for the Finn. A one-stop plan? Meanwhile, everything is going wrong for Vettel. He mostly will have to pit once again since he is on UltraSofts. But that is going to be later on in the race. In case you don't know, Verstappen is on a pair of Soft tyres.
Lap 18: Wheel-to-wheel stuff! Red Bull have timed their pit stop to perfection. Verstappen returns on the track and manages to edge out Sebastian Vettel for P4.
Lap 17: Oh yes! Hamilton joins track on a set of Soft tyres AHEAD OF VETTEL as the German is fighting Perez for P6.
Lap 16: Big moment, this! Hamilton is in the pits. This is all where it matters. How will he come out? Ahead of the Ferrari?
Lap 15: Alonso follows closely to the Haas of Grosjean but the French is holding his ground. On the other hand, Vettel has pitted. Is this his desperation or it's a team strategy? He comes back on the track with a pair of new UltraSofts.
Lap 14: Hamilton goes even quicker this time and records the fastest lap - 1:44.921. He certainly has the edge over everyone at the moment.
Lap 13: The clouds have opened up as we see it has started to drizzle. Meanwhile, Perez after escaping an early hiccup is going strong.
Lap 12: "There's a lot left in the tyres," Hamilton tells Mercedes. He has built a 1.1s lead over Vettel. The Brit pops in a the fastest lap of 1:45.502 and moves nearly two seconds clear of Vettel. Whoa, he is going hammer and tongs.
Lap 11: Hamilton is keeping Vettel behind and is maintaining a gap of over a second. The German could be protecting his tyres by not following too closely.
Lap 10: As the Race progresses and they have completed 10 laps now with very few chance of overtaking. The positions have remained the same until now.
Lap 9: Hamilton records the fastest lap time again - 1:46.746. The Brit is giving a tough competition to the Ferrari of Vettel.
Lap 8: A new fastest lap for Vettel, who needs a good result here to take the fight to Hamilton in the Championship race. His timing - 1:47.397.
Lap 7: Verstappen staying close to Vettel as the Dutch tries to make his move forward. The Red Bull team advises him over the radio - "Please look after your tyres".
Lap 6: Lewis Hamilton extending his lead over Sebastian Vettel. The German is trying hard to stay in the hunt. The top 6 cars have a good gap between each other currently.
Lap 5: Safety car goes in as the race gets back underway again after the Lap 1 incident... Hamilton is clear off Vettel and holds onto his position. Fastest lap time set by the Brit - 1:48.052.
Lap 4: Esteban Ocon giving a little interview says that he wants to see the images and discuss with the team first. While the action was unfolding in front, Grosjean went straight at Turn 1. How will the stewards react to this? We will have to wait for the decision, it's still pending.
Lap 3: The best starter as of now is Gasly, who has moved from P15 to P12. Right now, the safety car is leading the pack around.
Lap 2: Safety car deployed and we are getting the confirmation that Vettel overtook Verstappen before they came in. Fernando Alonso had a close shave. This was the second time he had avoided that with his quick reflexes, something similar happened during one of the practice sessions also...
Lap 1: All set! The lights go out and the Singapore GP is underway... A good start for Hamilton. Verstappen also manages to hold Vettel back at Turn 1 but the German gets the better of him at the next turn. More drama behind. The two Force India cars have collided. Sergio Perez brushed Esteban Ocon's car who goes bang into the barriers, game over for the French.
Preview: The top 10 cars are on a pair of used HyperSoft tyres. Only Lance Stroll is on the Softs. Out they come for the final formation lap. Stat alert - The Singapore Grand Prix has been won by only four drivers. Sebastian Vettel has emerged victorious 4 times with Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton has won it thrice, Fernando Alonso twice while Nico Rosberg took the title once in 2016. It is Raceday! Hello and welcome to the coverage. Yesterday's Qualifying was an intriguing one in which Lewis Hamilton finished on top. The Ferrari drivers will be disappointed after missing out on the front row but they would still like to believe that they have the speed to topple everyone in this race. Red Bull, too, have been impressive and let's hope all the issues with Verstappen's car have been resolved. Let's hope for some exciting action at this picturesque venue. Stay tuned as we are moments away from the start. ----- After three amazing qualifying sessions where almost all teams struggled with the decision of tyres to use, we are now on race day. Hamilton stunned with a flying lap to take pole but throughout the weekend, Ferrari have been running the show. However, they are not on the front grid. Red Bull have an opportunity to stake a claim on the podium but Max Verstappen has been complaining about his car ever since Friday practice started. And then, the tradition of Singapore GP - we usually see a safety car and the presence of rain at least once throughout the weekend - neither of which, thankfully, has come so far. Also, the turns at the start - mostly see crashes. Wow. Too much of build-up. Hopefully, the race is exciting. It begins at 8:10 pm local (1210 GMT).
Temp: 30°C
Forecast: Clear
Track: Dry

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