German Grand Prix
Race Ended
Hockenheim - 20th Jul. - 22nd Jul. 2018
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:15.545
Driver Team Time FLs
14 1
Mercedes1:32:29.845 4 1 25
2 2
Mercedes+4.535 1 2 18
3 3
Ferrari+6.732 4 2 15
4 4
Red Bull+7.654 0 3 12
7 5
Renault+26.609 0 3 10
6 6
Haas+28.871 0 3 8
10 7
Force India+30.556 0 1 6
15 8
Force India+31.750 0 1 4
13 9
Sauber+32.362 0 1 2
16 10
Toro Rosso+34.197 0 2 1
5 11
Haas+34.919 0 3 0
8 12
  C.Sainz Jr
Renault+43.069 0 3 0
18 13
McLaren+46.617 0 2 0
20 14
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 2 0
9 15
Sauber+1 Lap 0 3 0
11 16
McLaren+2 Laps 0 4 0
17 -
WilliamsAccident 0 3 0
1 -
FerrariAccident 3 1 0
12 -
WilliamsAccident 0 2 0
19 -
Red BullRetired 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Hamilton overcame formidable odds to win the German Grand Prix after starting 14th on the grid, as a mid-race shower threw a spanner in the works for race leader and erstwhile points-leader Vettel, who skated off track and into retirement. Bottas finished second to complete a Mercedes 1-2, ahead of the sole-remaining Ferrari of Raikkonen.

Verstappen finished fourth, ahead of Hulkenberg, who brought home his best result of the year in fifth while Grosjean scored points for only the second time this season in sixth, ahead of Force India's Perez and Ocon. Ericsson brought home points for Sauber in ninth, while Hartley rounded out the top 10 for Toro Rosso.

With his victory, Hamilton retakes the lead in the driver standings by 17 points over Vettel as we head into the Hungarian Grand Prix in less than a week's time!
Lap 67: FINAL LAP With over four seconds back to Bottas, Hamilton starts out the last lap with another fastest lap in the books. HAMILTON WINS It is the furthest back on the grid he has started to win. Bottas finishes second to make it a Mercedes 1-2 while Raikkonen rounds out the podium. With that, he takes the lead in the title race and matches Michael Schumacher's record of 4 wins at the German Grand Prix. Verstappen finishes in P4, while Hulkenberg bags his best finish of the season in P5.
Lap 66: Sainz is through on Hartley for P11, dropping him out of the points but remember, Sainz has a 10-second penalty waiting for him, so Hartley will likely get his point.
Lap 65: Out of his overalls, Vettel walks up to the pitwall to shake hands with his team. Could this be the day he lost the 2018 title?
Lap 64: Another fastest lap from Hamilton. "Threat of rain is building," he is told but with the gap he is building up, he could easily cruise home should the heavens open up. Grosjean with fresh ultrasoft tyres he took on during the Safety Car period, dives past Ericsson for P8.
Lap 63: Sainz has been handed a 10-second penalty for overtaking under the Safety Car.
Lap 62: Hulkenberg is in position to score his best finish of the season in P5, which will certainly give the German fans something to cherish after Vettel's sensational retirement from the lead.
Lap 61: We learn Bottas has been told to hold position, likely during that frentic battle right after the restart. "Starting to rain again," reports Sainz.
Lap 60: "Remember, we do expect rain to hit in the last two laps," Hamilton is cautioned. Should he win this, it will be an amazing comeback from his qualifying woes that saw him start the race from P14.
Lap 59: Hamilton sets the fastest lap and his tyres have clearly 'switched on' now as he leaves Bottas in his dust, over two seconds behind. DRS ENABLED Sainz is under investigation for overtaking while the Safety Car was deployed.
Lap 58: SAFETY CAR IN Racing resumes with just 10 laps to go! Who will win the German Grand Prix? The two Mercedes make a good getaway and gap Raikkonen already. Bottas charges at Hamilton and the two race it out tooth and nail through the esses but Hamilton still holds firm out front.
Lap 57: SAFETY CAR IN THIS LAP Hamilton has complained of the Safety Car going too slow.
Lap 56: Haas bring in both cars to swap back to ultrasoft tyres. Hulkenberg too stopped for ultrasoft tyres and managed to maintain P5.
Lap 55: The Safety Car continues to lead the pack while the track gets drier by the minute. Lapped cars may now overtake. Hulkenberg in P5 is on a set of intermediate tyres and the Renault boys get ready for a stop so he will likely pit soon for ultrasoft tyres. His teammate Sainz as well as both Haas cars are on intermediates too.
Lap 54: Raikkonen pits for ultrasoft tyres. It is a Mercedes 1-2 with Hamilton leading ahead of Bottas. Sirotkin has bailed out, as his stranded Williams belches smoke.
Lap 53: Chaos in the Mercedes pit as Bottas is in but the team do not know which tyres to put on. They finally go with ultrasoft tyres and send him out. Vettel walks away from his beached Ferrari under a cloud of frustration.
Lap 52: It is really wet now, as the whole track looks glazed. Verstappen and Red Bull will be ruing their decision to go back to dry tyres. VETTEL OUT! He has gone straight off track and slammed into the barriers. SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED
Lap 51: Leclerc is off! He skates off on the long curved back straight, as the rain intensifies. Raikkonen runs wide. Perez has spun out and tries to gather it back up on the grass.
Lap 50: Verstappen is back in the pits, to undo the intermediate tyres and return to ultrasoft. It drops him almost a minute behind Hamilton. On replay, we see Leclerc did a full 360° spin exiting Turn 1, which likely forced his hand with the tyre stop.
Lap 49: Gasly skates off track and into the gravel trap on entry to the stadium section. He pits at the end of the lap to switch to a fresh set of ultrasoft tyres.
Lap 48: "Rain decreasing," Vettel is told. Leclerc, who was one of the first to swap to the intermediate tyres, comes back to switch to a used set of ultrasoft tyres.
Lap 47: Verstappen pits! The Dutchman goes on to the intermediate tyres. It is a risky call as the rain appears to be trailing off.
Lap 46: We see a piece of red front wing endplate lying outside the hairpin. Verstappen could pit at the end of the lap, as the Red Bull crew scurries about.
Lap 45: Leclerc and Alonso's decision to pull in for intermediate tyres could have been premature, as the rain seems to be backing off already. Verstappen and Hamilton both had minor moments in the hairpin, where the moisture is still visible on the circuit.
Lap 44: We have rain on the circuit, particularly at the hairpin, where the drops are clearly visible. Leclerc pits for intermediate tyres. Alonso too goes for the green sidewall tyres.
Lap 43: "We think a light rain may appear in Turn 6," Hamilton is cautioned.
Lap 42: Hamilton pits for a quick swap to ultrasoft tyres. He rejoins in P5, behind a busy pack of lapped cars, including Ocon, Alonso, Gasly and Ericsson.
Lap 41: Heading into this race, Mercedes led every lap in 2014 and 2016, but Vettel was the last driver not in a Silver Arrow to lead the German race, in 2013 for Red Bull, when he took his only home win at the Nürburgring.
Lap 40: Bottas is told rain expected in 8-10 minutes, which is in about 5-7 laps. There is a dark cloud brewing over Hockenheim, on which could hang everyone's strategy for the remainder of the race.
Lap 39: Raikkonen gets the call to let his teammate Vettel by, which he does at the hairpin. But was it too late?
Lap 38: Although he has a 100% finishing record here in Hockenheim, Hulkenberg has never finished in the top 6 in Germany, securing P7 at Hockenheim in both 2014 and 2016.
Lap 37: When asked how much faster he could go than Raikkonen, he replies, "a second," as Ferrari try to decide on making a call about switching their drivers. "Can't you see the tyre temperature? What are you waiting for?" Vettel asks his team, his tone increasingly pokey.
Lap 36: Alonso is right on Ocon's tail through the esses, looking for a way past into P14 on his fresh tyres.
Lap 35: Vandoorne is creeping around the track. The McLaren man has had a miserable weekend so far and it could get worse.
Lap 34: Just a second between the two Ferrari drivers. It will be interesting to see if team orders come into effect. "This is just silly. I'm just losing time and damaging my tyres," complains Vettel about running behind Raikkonen's turbulence on fresher tyres.
Lap 33: Alonso pits to fix a vibration and swaps to medium tyres, dropping from P8 to P15. Raikkonen complains of blisters in his left-rear tyre. Ferrari predicts rain in 10-15 mins, urging him to wait out his second stop.
Lap 32: Hulkenberg and Alonso battle hard over P7 and Hulkenberg gets it. These two are battling over P7 in the driver standings too, with just 2 points in it between them.
Lap 31: Despite the age of his tyres, Raikkonen sets the fastest lap while Vettel runs in the turbulent air behind his teammate. A baffling call by Ferrari to arrive at this situation, it must be said.
Lap 30: Verstappen pits for what will be his sole stop of the race, swapping the ultrasoft tyres for softs. He rejoins in P5, six seconds behind Bottas. With that, the red order is restored out front but leader Raikkonen will have to make another stop, more than likely.
Lap 29: Bottas finally pits. He takes on soft tyres and rejoins in P5. RICCIARDO OUT! The Aussie's fresh engine hits its expiry date already as he pulls over trackside and climbs out.
Lap 28: As Vettel closes in on his teammate, Raikkonen is informed about the tyre situation. Ferrari will be hoping the championship leader is not held up by Raikkonen.
Lap 27: "Teams don’t actually have a huge amount of information to base strategies on here. Nobody has raced at Hockenheim since 2016, the cars and tyres are very different, and a lot of Saturday was wet. Useful for Ferrari to have pitted Raikkonen early, in order to gain some info," says Pirelli.
Lap 26: Vettel pits out of the lead to swap from ultrasoft to soft tyres and rejoins down in P4 behind teammate Raikkonen, who just sets the fastest lap.
Lap 25: A big lock-up from Vettel. His right-front tyre is looking in terrible shape. How long can he stay out there? Pace-wise, he is fine but the last thing Ferrari need is a tyre failure while running so comfortably out in front.
Lap 24: "Thank you for that!" says Hulkenberg as he takes advantage of a squabble between Ericsson and Ocon to take over P9. Perez with a disastrous stop that sees him down in P14. That could cost him a shot at points.
Lap 23: Grosjean had to back off abruptly for a slowing Stroll and Sainz very narrowly avoided ramming into the back of the Frenchman!
Lap 22: Raikkonen's hot pace could put Bottas at a disadvantage but Bottas is likely going for a 1-stop race while Raikkonen will probably have to stop again. Grosjean pits for mediums and rejoins behind Hartley in P16.
Lap 21: Magnussen borrows Hulkenberg's idea and pits for medium tyres too. He rejoins in P11, in between Ocon and Ericsson but is soon past Ocon for P10.
Lap 20: Hulkenberg pits out of P7 to switch to medium tyres. He drops down to P16 after rejoining the circuit but those tyres could take him all the way to the end of the race.
Lap 19: Ricciardo dives down the inside of Leclerc, who fights back through the esses but Ricciardo wins out in the end to grace the top 10 for the first time this afternoon.
Lap 18: Raikkonen sets the fastest lap. Watching a close-up of Vettel's right-front tyre, we notice a fair bit of graining. Expect him in anytime within the next few laps.
Lap 17: Red Bull and Mercedes tell their drivers that Verstappen could possibly be on a 2-stop strategy, due to the Finn's very early stop. Armed with DRS, Ricciardo gets down the inside of Alonso under braking for the hairpin to take over P12.
Lap 16: Watching a replay of Raikkonen's stop, it was the right-rear wheel change which caused the hold-up during the Finn's service. Alonso has a go at Leclerc for P11 at the hairpin but stuffs it in too deep and runs wide.
Lap 15: Raikkonen is the first of the two Ferraris to pit. A bit of a delay in the service and he rejoins in P4 with soft tyres. Hopefully the crew got all the wheels on tight.
Lap 14: The pit window for the ultrasoft tyre is open, so expect some of the leaders to start pitting soon. Hamilton cracks the top 5, getting by Magnussen but now he has a 17 second gap to close down to Verstappen.
Lap 13: The pit window for the soft tyres is just marginally higher than the ultrasofts, so Hamilton's advantage on the cars ahead of him in terms of pit strategy is minimal. Grosjean is starting to come under serious pressure from Sainz for P9.
Lap 12: Hamilton won the last race held in Hockenheim in 2016 by leading from start to finish, and he has led more laps here (121) than any other active driver (Fernando Alonso is next on 117) but he will likely need rain or a Safety Car intervention to make that happen today.
Lap 11: "Left-rear is in the danger zone," Hulkenberg is told. With that word of warning in his ear, he decides not to contest P6 too hard and lets Hamilton slip past.
Lap 10: Hamilton's rapid rise up the order will of course slow down once he catches the drivers from the top teams. Ricciardo is up to P13, as he gets by Ocon.
Lap 9: Ricciardo has cracked the top 15 and now he makes it to P14 with a dive inside Ericsson. Hamilton goes down the inside of Perez to claim P7.
Lap 8: Another lap, another position lost by Grosjean, as Hamilton cruises past with DRS on approach to the hairpin. Perez is starting to catch up to Hulkenberg for P6, almost within DRS range of the German.
Lap 7: Grosjean complains of too much rotation in his Haas. Soon after that, Perez dives inside Grosjean at the hairpin and snatches P7.
Lap 6: "Already we’re getting some reports of light rain. That’s probably not what Ricciardo wants (at least not in the early stages of the race) as he’ll be aiming to go long on the medium. Currently up to P17, whereas Hamilton (on soft) is up to 10th. Two guys to watch…," muses Pirelli.
Lap 5: Ricciardo made a poor start but is now beginning to fight back, as he gets by Hartley, his mate from down under, for P17. Hamilton has cracked the top 10, getting by Leclerc.
Lap 4: Vettel sets the fastest lap. Sirotkin's P12 qualifying effort is not materialising into race pace, as he drops to P15.
Lap 3: DRS ENABLED Hamilton is through on Ocon for P12. He then makes it P11, as Alonso leaves the door open.
Lap 2: The opening lap is in the books without any incident. Hamilton is up to P13, having passed just one car so far, the Williams of Stroll. "Rain on the visor," reports Raikkonen.
Lap 1: The red lights go out and the German Grand Prix is GO! Vettel leads the field safely into Turn 1. A bit of a lock-up in the midfield but no major incident so far. Verstappen is all over Raikkonen, who defends just as aggressively as they battle over P3. Hamilton goes around the outside of Sirotkin in the hairpin but cannot complete the pass.
Preview: Hello and welcome to Hockenheim for the German Grand Prix weekend. After missing from the calendar last season, one of the mainstays of Grand Prix racing is back and at an opportune time too, as Sebastian Vettel comes into the weekend with an eight point lead in the driver standings over reigning champion Lewis Hamilton. Built in 1932, the Hockenheimring first hosted a Formula One event in 1968. Once a superfast circuit with long straights, the track was reconfigured into a shorter layout in 2001 in order to make it more conducive to spectator viewing and improve safety. Now consisting of only two fast bends and mostly second and third gear corners on a smooth and flat layout devoid of any major elevation changes, most teams opt for medium downforce settings instead of the trimmed out, low downforce configurations from the days of yore. Tyre compounds available this week include the ultrasoft, soft and medium. Vettel bolstered his chances of a home victory in Sunday's German Grand Prix by securing pole position in the dying moments of qualifying. With Hamilton out of the picture due to a hydraulic issue in Q1, it was all down to Bottas to do the honours for Mercedes but despite a stout lap, Vettel dug deep and went even quicker, securing his fifth pole of the year in front of his legion of home fans. Bottas will line up alongside him in second while Raikkonen qualified third. Verstappen qualified fourth, ahead of Haas boys Magnussen and Grosjean. Hulkenberg was seventh, beating teammate Sainz. Leclerc impressed with ninth, while Perez rounded out the top 10 starters. So Hamilton will start 14th and also notably, Ricciardo will start down in P20 due to a raft of power unit changes this weekend. Will Vettel add to his championship points tally or will Hamilton recover from a poor start? Join us Sunday at 1:10 PM GMT for the German Grand Prix to find out!
Temp: 23°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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