Brazilian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Interlagos - 9th Nov. - 11th Nov. 2018
Fastest Lap - V.Bottas 1:10.540
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:27:09.066 3 1 25
5 2
Red Bull+1.469 4 1 18
4 3
Ferrari+4.764 1 1 15
11 4
Red Bull+5.193 4 1 12
3 5
Mercedes+22.943 2 2 10
2 6
Ferrari+26.997 2 2 8
7 7
Sauber+44.199 0 1 6
8 8
Haas+51.230 0 1 4
10 9
Haas+52.857 0 1 2
12 10
Racing Point Force India+1 Lap 0 1 1
16 11
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
15 12
  C.Sainz Jr
Renault+1 Lap 0 2 0
9 13
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
18 14
Racing Point Force India+1 Lap 0 2 0
20 15
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
14 16
Williams+2 Laps 0 1 0
17 17
McLaren+2 Laps 0 2 0
19 18
Williams+2 Laps 0 2 0
13 -
RenaultOverheating 0 1 0
6 -
SauberAccident 0 2 0
Live Commentary
Summary: An exciting, exciting Brazilian Grand Prix comes to a close. Lewis Hamilton emerges the winner and this is his 72nd career victory. With him winning and Valtteri Bottas coming in on 5th position, Mercedes have also won the Constructor's Championship here itself, with one race still remaining.

Spare a thought for Max Verstappen though. The Dutchman had an almost perfect race. His team's strategy was perfect, his car was perfect, everything was perfect and he was set for the win, but a collision with Esteban Ocon's Force India forced him to concede the lead and subsequently the race to the Brit.

Raikkonen quietly went about his business and finished 3rd, just behind Verstappen, and held off Ricciardo, who was really pushing him to the limits, long enough to get a podium finish. Vettel had a rather disappointing outing as he looked off the pace from the beginning. Leclerc, Grosjean, Magnussen and Perez filled up the remaining spots in the top 10.

So, Christmas has come early for the Mercedes team. It's a day for them to celebrate thoroughly. Everything has been tied up now, with the last race being a mere formality now. It will take place in Abu Dhabi as FP1 takes place on 23rd November at 1300 local (0900 GMT). See you for that. Take care!
Lap 71: FINAL LAP! And it stays as it is! Lewis Hamilton holds on. Verstappen finishes 2nd. Ricciardo is on Raikkonen's tail but he couldn't get past him. The Finn holds on and takes another podium finish.
Lap 70: Last 2 laps remaining. Daniel Ricciardo is aching for a podium finish. He will be as focused as ever. His car has supported him as well as any car could have. The battle for 3rd is on!
Lap 69: Just 3 laps to go. 11kms left. Hamilton is losing a little grip on his tyres, he needs to find a way to hold on. No time for a pit stop.
Lap 68: Verstappen making some serious ground here. Just over a second behind with the Brit just out of DRS range. Can Red Bull get a double podium here? Can Max somehow get the better of the Brit? Is there enough time left?
Lap 67: Daniel Ricciardo, who started in 11th place in the grid, is 4th now putting the pressure on Kimi Raikkonen. A late twist in the tale?
Lap 66: Meanwhile, here's something interesting - Max Verstappen is just under 2 seconds behind race leader Lewis Hamilton. And, Bottas has bested his own time. Hits 1:10.540 now. Wow.
Lap 65: Valtteri Bottas is fastest as he clocks a time of 1:10.845.
Lap 64: Fernando Alonso is under investigation for ignoring the Blue Flags. Vandoorne is also investigation for the same.
Lap 63: Ricciardo now is the fastest man on the track. Has a time of 1:11.343.
Lap 62: Vandoorne's quietly moved up the order as he's on P14 now. Goes past Sirotkin just now to go there.
Lap 61: Vettel has gone fastest again, with a time of 1:11.362. He might not hold that position for long though. Bottas is clocking a superb lap.
Lap 60: Bottas makes a pit stop and comes back out on 5th, changing to the SuperSoft compounds.
Lap 59: Ricciardo attacks Bottas again and moves to 4th position. Superb. Makes a move on him on the inside and skips past the Finn.
Lap 58: Esteban Ocon has a Stop/Go penalty. He will have to wait 10 seconds in the pits, without getting a change of tyres.
Lap 57: Vettel after switching to the SuperSofts sets the fastest time in this race. Clocks 1:11.402.
Lap 56: Raikkonen is quietly going about his business here. Is closing the gap on Verstappen and could very well make a podium finish.
Lap 55: Some reassuring news for Hamilton over the radio. He's just been informed that Vettel has made a pit stop. He, very relaxingly, says 'okay'.
Lap 54: Sebastian Vettel into the pit lane. A fresh set of tyres for him as he switches to the SuperSofts. Rejoins behind Leclerc on P7.
Lap 53: Ricciardo applying pressure on the Finn Bottas again. Can the Australian do something this time?
Lap 52: Verstappen still not giving up. He's quietly closing the gap on Lewis Hamilton. Have a feeling it isn't over yet.
Lap 51: Bottas has managed to break away from Ricciardo a little. Has a bit of breathing space now.
Lap 50: This race has got everything, hasn't it? Been an entertaining one so far. The weather has stayed clear so far, which is a good thing.
Lap 49: Battle for 4th place is on. Bottas vs Ricciardo. Let's see how this pans out.
Lap 48: Verstappen isn't able to break away from Raikkonen here. He's almost 5 seconds behind Hamilton.
Lap 47: Barring Magnussen and Ocon, every other driver is either on the Soft or the Medium compounds tyres.
Lap 46: Daniel Ricciardo takes on Sebastian Vettel. Goes wheel-to-wheel with him, the German doesn't allow him to squeeze out at first, but the Australian is too good for him on this occasion and eventually goes past him.
Lap 45: The news comes in that the incident between Verstappen and Ocon is under investigation.
Lap 44: WHAT'S HAPPENED HERE? All going down here in Brazil! Verstappen had a spin and that allowed Hamilton the opportunity to go past him. The Dutchman collided with Ocon's Force India. Not sure why he did that, Max is furious with him.
Lap 43: ALMOST.... ALMOST! That was close. Ricciardo tries to go past Vettel on the outside. The two almost collide but the Ferrari man just about manages to hold his position.
Lap 42: Ricciardo, on a fresh set of tyres, charges on the DRS looking to go past Vettel. He sets the fastest time with 1:11.608. He's still hot on the German's tail.
Lap 41: Still no change in the positions with regards to Bottas and Raikkonen, unlike the two at the top.
Lap 40: Red Bull in tremendous shape here. Looking good with the advantage of the selection of the tyres.
Lap 39: Battle for 2nd is on! And Max Verstappen overtakes Lewis Hamilton as he goes past him on the outside. Ricciardo makes his first stop during this time and rejoins on 6th, so that means his teammate is the leader of the race.
Lap 38: The table currently reads Ricciardo 1st, Hamilton 2nd, Verstappen 3rd, with Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel filling up the top 6. Also, the game continues. Verstappen goes fastest with a time of 1:12.143.
Lap 37: Everyone on the Medium compounds barring Red Bull. They didn't opt for the Medium compounds going into this race.
Lap 36: The Dutchman Verstappen makes a quick pit stop, but he can't get out ahead of Hamilton. Comes out just behind him on P3. Also, during all this, Kimi Raikkonen has set the fastest time in this race, with 1:12.532.
Lap 35: Niko Hulkenberg is out of this race. Unsure of the reasons yet.
Lap 34: Charles Leclerc, meanwhile, is slowly moving up the ladder. He's 4th now, with only Verstappen, Ricciardo and Hamilton in front of him. Neither of the Red Bull drivers have made a pit stop yet, mind.
Lap 33: Romain Grosjean makes a pit stop, switches to the Medium compounds and is back out on P11.
Lap 32: Fernando Alonso is heard having a heated chat on the team radio. He has severed all contact as he's seen angrily saying he doesn't want any updates till the end of the race.
Lap 31: The weather is holding up quite well for the time being. No dark clouds around.
Lap 30: Some interesting chatter on the radio as Hamilton tell his team that he's worried about Verstappen's time. Doesn't want to miss out but he's told he's 0.7 seconds safe from him.
Lap 29: Daniel Ricciardo sets the fastest lap of the race now, with a time of 1:12.919.
Lap 28: A good battle between Grosjean and Bottas. The latter looks to make a move on the former, but is held off. For now, at least.
Lap 27: Sebastian Vettel is going to be the first of the Ferraris to switch to the Medium compounds. He comes back out on 9th position.
Lap 26: Carlos Sainz makes a pit stop. He comes back out and rejoins the race on P16.
Lap 25: Max Verstappen is the leader in this race at this time. He's followed by Raikkonen, Vettel, Ricciardo, and Hamilton who's managed to skip past Leclerc.
Lap 24: Marcus Ericsson is done for this race. He has retired. That spin probably did more damage to his car than initially feared. Unfortunate for him.
Lap 23: Hamilton on P6 is making a move on 5th placed Leclerc. The two could be potential rivals next season when the Sauber man switches over to the Scuderia.
Lap 22: HELLO! Lewis Hamilton is now the fastest man of the track. Doesn't let the Dutchman be ahead in terms of this for too long, as he clocks 1:13.025.
Lap 21: Max Verstappen going along like a man on a mission. Beats his own time and clocks 1:13.429. Also, Marcus Ericsson has a spin but nothing too dangerous. The Yellow Flag was waived, but removed immediately.
Lap 20: Lewis Hamilton makes his first pit stop. He switches to the Medium compounds, surprisingly, like his teammate, and rejoins in 7th place.
Lap 19: As the battle for 3rd continues, Valtteri Bottas enters the pits. He rejoins on P9. In the meantime, Max Verstappen sets the fastest lap of the race again with 1:13.599.
Lap 18: Hold up! A change of plans. They've decided to abort that plan immediately. Not sure why.
Lap 17: The Ferrari are getting ready for a pit stop. But who's going to dive in?
Lap 16: Raikkonen putting the pressure back on Bottas. Almost got past him but the Mercedes man just about held his own. Not sure for how long though.
Lap 15: The weather is still quite clear. No sign of rain as of now.
Lap 14: Hamilton is currently leading the pack, a whole second clear of Verstappen in 2nd place. Raikkonen and Bottas are driving very close to each other.
Lap 13: In the bottom half, Alonso's made his way up a little bit as he's 15th, but Ocon has overtaken him quickly to take that place.
Lap 12: Battle for 3rd position is intensifying. Bottas, Raikkonen, Vettel and Ricciardo all in close proximity of each other. This is going to be fascinating.
Lap 11: Valtteri Bottas in the middle of the action here. Now he's in another battle to hold his position off against Kimi Raikkonen. Sebastian Vettel is behind his teammate and Daniel Ricciardo is hot on the Ferrari's tail as well.
Lap 10: AMAZING! The Dutchman flies past the Finn this time. Incredible driving. Verstappen turns the heat up on Bottas once again and overtakes him on the inside, moving to P2.
Lap 9: Here we go. Verstappen once again making the move on Bottas...
Lap 8: Verstappen in full flow here. Clearly showing his intent as he doesn't want to mess about. Tries to make an aggressive move on Bottas, fails on this occasion but he's not letting up.
Lap 7: As expected, the midfield battle is going to be between Leclerc, Grosjean, Gasly and Ericsson.
Lap 6: As of now, the table stands with Hamilton and Bottas 1st and 2nd respectively, followed by Verstappen and then Raikkonen and Vettel in the two Ferraris. Ricciardo is on P6.
Lap 5: Barring Brendon Hartley, who is on the Medium compounds, everyone is either on the Softs or the SuperSofts.
Lap 4: Max Verstappen making his move early in this race. He now skips past the German's Ferrari and is 3rd now. Also, Kimi Raikkonen has motored past his teammate too. Wow.
Lap 3: And the Dutchman has already set the fastest lap of the race with a time of 1:14.036. But, his teammate edges him out with a time of 1:13.784. He's on P7 now.
Lap 2: Verstappen goes past Raikkonen and he's making a good start in this race.
Lap 1: The lights turn green and the race is underway! A clean start for the Mercedes drivers. Vettel locked up at turn 1 which allowed the Finn Bottas to go past him. Magnussen collides with Ericsson and the former drops down to 11th.
Preview: The drivers are getting ready for their formation lap. Engines revving up, ready to begin. What will happen? Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will be in the front row, followed by their teammates. Max Verstappen is in 5th while Daniel Ricciardo has a grid penalty. So he will be starting on P11. The start will be crucial. Hello and welcome for the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix. It's clear out there for now, but there is rain forecast to play its part in this race. The strategies will be worked around that, so it's going to be intriguing to watch which teams opt for what in terms of planning. For Mercedes to win the Constructor's Championship, if the drivers finish in the positions they start this race, the top 4 that is, then they will win their 5th Championship in a row. The midfield battle is also a good one. It will be one to watch out for as Leclerc pushed hard in Q2 and Q3 to show that he most definitely has the potential to do well with Ferrari next season. Ericsson too did catch people's attention with his 6th place finish. Mostly likely, the battle will be between them and the Haas. ----- It's Raceday in Brazil. It's all set up to be a superb race. In Qualifying, Lewis Hamilton once again, like he so often does, swooped in and took pole position at the very last minute, leaving people in awe of him once more. The Mercedes team seems to have sorted out the problems with the two cars as both Hamilton and Bottas looked really good in all three Qualifying sessions. The Scuderia did well for the most part, but were left found wanting towards the end of Q3. Red Bull have looked off pace for the most part, with the imminent rain threat, they could actually turn up and surprise a lot of people.
Temp: 24°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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