Valencia Grand Prix
Race Ended
Valencia - 18th November
Fastest Lap - A.Dovizioso 1:41.863
Rider Team Time FLs
2 1
Ducati Team 24:03.408 3 25
1 2
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +2.750 0 20
8 3
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +7.406 0 16
13 4
Ducati Team +8.647 0 13
4 5
Repsol Honda Team +13.351 0 11
6 6
LCR Honda +32.288 0 10
5 7
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +32.806 0 9
16 8
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +33.111 0 8
12 9
LCR Honda +36.376 0 7
10 10
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +37.198 0 6
9 11
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +44.326 0 5
11 12
Ducati Team +46.146 0 4
3 13
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +52.809 1 3
14 14
Angel Nieto Team +70.628 0 2
15 15
Reale Avintia Racing +76.739 0 1
7 -
Angel Nieto Team Crashed Out 0 0
17 -
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Crashed Out 0 0
18 -
Alma Pramac Racing Crashed Out 0 0
19 -
Repsol Honda Team Crashed Out 0 0
20 -
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Crashed Out 0 0
21 -
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Crashed Out 0 0
22 -
Alma Pramac Racing Crashed Out 0 0
23 -
EG 0,0 Marc VDS Crashed Out 0 0
24 -
EG 0,0 Marc VDS Crashed Out 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Phew! The race ends, finally. It started in the rain, saw 9 riders crash out, had to be stopped, then re-started! Plenty of riders had their up and down moments but one man who thoroughly deserved to win was Andrea Dovizioso who rarely made errors in tricky conditions.

What about Pol Esparagaro? Will this be considered a hollow podium finish because the ones before him crashed out? Well, not his problem, is it? He has delivered a podium finish for KTM. Is that the sign of things to come in 2019?

Also, look at the consistency of Alex Rins, who ends the 2018 season with 5 podiums. He started brilliantly, taking the lead from Vinales initially, then was the race leader again after the restart but Dovizioso's Ducati was far more superior.

Spare a thought for Pedrosa and Bautista - the final race of their MotoGP career and while the Honda driver at least finished in 5th, the Spaniard in the Ducati could not quite finish it off.

And now, the Doctor. Twice in 2 races, he was in shot for a podium finish, even a win, but in the dying stages, thrown it away. If anyone missed noticing, Jorge Lorenzo was there in the race too, finishing a lowly 12th, which shows that his Ducati was not in the best of shape.

Finally, we get to sign off from MotoGP for the year 2018. There were hardly any races without any drama and it has ended in an ultra-dramatic one. The year though, will be remembered for Marc Marquez who will be crowned champion tonight. He crashed out in the last couple of races but has been the most consistent rider this year.

That is all we have for you then. Thank you very much for being with us loyally for every race (taking the leisure to assume that you did) and hope you join us again in 2019. There is still some time for the new season to begin. Will it be another Marc Marquez season? Or will we see someone else come on top? Only the new year will tell us. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
Lap 14: ANDREA DOVIZIOSO WINS THE VALENCIA MOTOGP FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! It is Ducati's 50th GP win as well! A fine race, not making too many mistakes, in spite of the tough conditions on offer. Alex Rins comes second while Pol Espargaro gives jubilation to KTM with their first ever podium finish! A look at the top 5 - 1. Dovizioso 2. Rins (+2.75) 3. P.Espargaro (+7.41) 4. Pirro (8.65) 5. Pedrosa (+13.35)
Lap 13: Entering the final lap then. No time for dramas now. Meanwhile, this race is turning out to be a nightmare for Rossi who runs very wide at Turn 2. Not many positions left to lose, so he stays in 13th.
Lap 12: 2 laps to go and Pol Espargaro is looking all set for KTM's first ever MotoGP podium. Hope we do not jinx him like Rossi!
Lap 11: 3 laps to go and here are our new top 3 - 1. Dovizioso 2. Rins (+5.73) 3. P.Espargaro (+11.7) Will this order be maintained till the end?
Lap 10: ROSSI CRASHES OUT. Two races in succession that Valentino Rossi has thrown away a podium position. We had just mentioned that he is probably happy with his current spot, but that devilish Turn 12 goes against him and his bike skids and slips. Goes off into the tarmac but rejoins the race in 13th position.
Lap 9: Seems like Rossi has settled for the second place now. He is maintaining his tempo, not going too fast, not putting any pressure, but just ensuring that he completes the race. Memories of what happened in the previous race will be fresh in his mind, where he crashed out from the number 1 position. The gap between Rossi and Dovizioso is 3.6 seconds now while Rins is 1.7 seconds behind the Yamaha rider.
Lap 8: Pirro comes from nowhere and goes past Pedrosa to take P5. But ahead of the pack, the race leader continues to pound in more quick laps. The gap between him and Rossi is 2.5 seconds now. OOPS! BAUTISTA CRASHES OUT AT TURN 12. Thankfully, the rider is okay. We are now down to 15 riders.
Lap 7: Dovizioso now sets the new fastest lap of the race - A 1:41.863. Rossi does a 1:41.864. Rins is getting sandwiched between the two, with the difference between Rossi and Dovizioso being 1.5 seconds. AND ROSSI GOES PAST RINS.
Lap 6: Rins continues to look unstable with Rossi pulling off almost a second every lap off the Spaniard. Meanwhile, up ahead, Dovizioso is cruising.
Lap 5: 9 laps to go and this is how the top 5 stand - 1. Dovizioso 2. Rins (+0.52) 3. Rossi (+1.01) 4. P.Espargaro (+7.01) 5. Pedrosa (+8.11)
Lap 4: A bit of a wobble from the front end for Rins but he manages to hold on to his position. Rossi was actually going to make a move but then looking at the spray from the rear end of Rins, he backed off, due to visibility issues. That is still a concern.
Lap 3: This was coming. Pedrosa overtakes Pol Espargaro to move into fourth place and ahead of him, Valentino Rossi puts in the fastest lap of the race - A 1:42.062. He is around 0.4 seconds behind Rins and is constantly closing in on the second spot.
Lap 2: Ha ha! Where did this come from? The RAIN IS BACK! But the race continues. 12 laps more to go. Will we get a interruption again? Meanwhile, Dovizioso is the new race leader. He overtook Rins at Turn 1.
Lap 1: The five green lights go on again and the Valencia MotoGP restarts! Alex Rins takes his position back, followed by Dovizioso and Rossi. Pedrosa, who is in his last MotoGP, is currently in 5th place.
Preview: Wow. A totally new race comprising of just 16 riders. In case you are joining us just now, we had around 14 laps in the originally scheduled. But with Smith being the 9th rider to crash out, that particular lap was cancelled and the officials decided to red flag the race, wait for the rain to stop and then restart from the positions which were on Lap 13. The rain seems to have stopped but the track is still damp. The riders are currently on their warm-up lap.
Temp: 13°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Wet

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