German Grand Prix
Race Ended
Sachsenring - 2nd July
Fastest Lap - J.Folger 1:21.442
Rider Team Time FLs
1 1
Repsol Honda Team 40:59.525 2 25
5 2
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +3.310 2 20
3 3
Repsol Honda Team +11.546 1 16
11 4
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +14.253 0 13
9 5
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +14.980 0 11
12 6
Pull and Bear Aspar Team +16.534 0 10
8 7
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +19.736 0 9
10 8
Ducati Team +20.188 0 8
19 9
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +21.138 0 7
4 10
LCR Honda +24.210 0 6
6 11
Ducati Team +25.659 0 5
2 12
OCTO Pramac Racing +31.540 0 4
7 13
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +32.179 0 3
15 14
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +36.453 0 2
13 15
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +37.771 0 1
17 16
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +37.852 0 0
20 17
Pull and Bear Aspar Team +39.323 0 0
24 18
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +41.190 0 0
14 19
Reale Avintia Racing +59.850 0 0
23 20
OCTO Pramac Racing +61.664 0 0
22 21
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +61.695 0 0
16 -
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Crashed Out 0 0
21 -
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Crashed Out 0 0
18 -
Reale Avintia Racing Black Flagged 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: What a fabulous way to head into the summer break. The 2017 championship is wide open with Marquez as the new leader. The Spaniard ran a picture perfect race and has firmly established himself as the king of Sachsenring—he has won here for the last eight years!

But it is Jonas Folger who is the favourite. He takes his first podium with that hard-won 2nd spot at his home race. The satellite Monster Yamaha team has been phenomenal this season. Pedrosa ran a lonely 3rd. It was that battle for 4th and 5th though had us gulping for air.

We are now off on a summer break. It's going to be a long month, but one thing's for sure. Things are bound to get even crazier once we return on August 6.

Next up is the race in Brno, Czech Republic. See you then!
Lap 30: The final lap of what has been a fantastic race and Marquez has displayed his mastery. Let's not forget Folger is on only his 9th ride in the MotoGP championship. Past the Final Sector and MARQUEZ WINS! Folger takes 2nd. He is ecstatic. A victorious fist in the air. Marquez celebrates with fireworks and German marshals.
Lap 29: It's the penultimate lap and things have more or less settled down, it seems, for the top 3. Vinales has managed to pull away from Rossi. It looks like the Spaniard has made that 4th place stick.
Lap 28: What a fantastic race it has been. Nearing the end and Marquez has just been masterful. He has managed to make a crucial break. Folger made a mistake at Turn 1. He is on full gas there. But needs to be steady, if he wants a podium win.
Lap 27: Aleix tries to pass Dovi but makes a mistake and goes wide. Folger is looking for an opening. But Marquez is running a perfect race. No mistakes at that end.
Lap 26: Iannone has crashed. At Turn 12. Looks like a front-end crash. He is having a bad, bad year. Rider ok. Replay of that really, really close fight between Vinales and Rossi: Almost swapping paint there.
Lap 25: It's the calm before the storm. Lorenzo has Iannone to deal with. Rossi and Vinales are battling it out in the meantime. Folger is right behind Marquez. He is the new shark! Cue Jaws theme?
Lap 24: Folger is not letting Marquez out of his sight. Pedrosa is running at a really lonely 3rd place. Behind him though, it's chaos and battles. Rossi is closing up on Vinales. He needs those points. Lorenzo and Iannone are battling for 11th though. He slipped back down quickly.
Lap 23: The battle for 4th involves Vinales, Rossi, Dovi, and Bautista. No one is giving an inch. Bautista passes Dovi to take 6th and makes his pass stick. Rossi has the hammer down. He wants his 4th back now. Folger is still on Marquez's heels.
Lap 22: The top 3 places remain as they were in the previous lap. The real battle is for 4th and 5th though. Spoke too soon: Folger is now on Marquez's heels. Petrucci is having problems. He is down to 13th.
Lap 21: Rossi is going to fight back. Will he manage it? It's a bit crowded now at this battle for 4th. Dovi is on Rossi's heels. Replay shows Folger losing half a second because of a little mistake. He went a bit wide.
Lap 20: Vinales manages to make a move and passes Dovi to take his 5th place. This was just as they were coming out turn 12 on the previous lap. Vinales passes Rossi on the final corner.
Lap 19: Rossi fights back, takes back 4th. Dovi goes wide but just about manages to cling on to his 5th place. Vinales is just waiting for Dovi to make a mistake. Dovi tries to attack Rossi once again. But no way!
Lap 18: Dovi tries to attack Rossi but has to hold off a charging Vinales who wants his 5th place. Petrucci, unfortunately, has slid down to 10th. But the race isn't over yet. Dovi has Vinales on his tail who passes Rossi. Dovi is up to 4th.
Lap 17: Aleix and Bautista battling it out for 7th place. Vinales tried to pass Dovi at the first corner. But no go.
Lap 16: Rossi holds firm in 4th place. Behind, Petrucci has now been attacked by Bautista. Uh oh. He is now down to 9th. Vinales is trying to get past Dovi now. He wants the 4th place, at the very least.
Lap 15: Petrucci has slid down to 7th now. Up ahead, Folger is picking up the pace. The crowds are still cheering.
Lap 14: Sam Lowes crashes. Rider ok. Folger is not letting Marquez get away though. Rossi doesn't have the pace to catch up with Pedrosa. Aleix passes Petrucci who tries to fight back and manages to make his 6th place stick. Sneaky Vinales, though, passes Petrucci in the meantime.
Lap 13: Dovi has Aleix and Petrucci to deal with while Rossi is picking up the pace. If Marquez wins, he will lead the championship!
Lap 12: A fantastic battle for 4th underway. Rossi still leads ... for now. Folger is busy trying to play catch-up. Experience versus a young 'un. Who will win? Aleix is looking confident and attacking Dovi who is in 5th place.
Lap 11: Marquez is back in the lead. Let's see if young Folger manages to take his first place back. He lost that spot when he went in a bit too hot. Marquez was just waiting for a mistake. Barbera back in the garage after that black flag. He got the message but ignored the ride through penalty. Wonder why? He looks quite grim.
Lap 10: Rossi passes Petrucci and is headed towards the podium. He is up to 4th place. Folger, meanwhile, is trying to hold off Marquez who is having none of this young gun nonsense. Petrucci tries to pass Rossi, but it's a tight, tight corner. Phew. That was stressful.
Lap 9: Rossi is on a charge. He has set his sights on Petrucci now. There's championship points at stake here. Barbera gets a black flag. Dovi tries to pass Rossi, but the Italian slams the door shut.
Lap 8: Rossi passed Lorenzo on that last lap and brought Dovi along with him. Lorenzo slips down two places. Can almost hear Poncharal grinding his teeth. He is tense. Can't say we blame him. Rossi and Dovi battling for 5th place. Changing places.
Lap 7: The crowds are screaming and cheering. A German in the lead. Fantastic move by Folger. Hervé Poncharal looks a bit tense. Ha! Folger, Marquez and Pedrosa have managed to pull away from the rest of the pack. ROSSI MOVES UP TO 5th.
Lap 6: Dani tries to pass Folger, but the German is being all stubborn in 2nd place. Folger clocks in the fastest lap. He has set his sights on the first place. FOLGER LEADS.
Lap 5: Crutchlow passes Rossi, but Rossi fights back. Folger is on a charge. The young German wants that home win! Rossi, though, is under attack from Crutchlow and Dovi! FOLGER PASSES DANI! Fantastic move by the young gun.
Lap 4: The crowd is cheering Folger on. They want a home win. He is chasing the two Hondas up front. Dovi is now charging towards Crutchlow who is trying to pass Rossi in 6th place. Folger is right up behind Pedrosa. Watch out, Dani!
Lap 3: Rossi now has Crutchlow to deal with. Folger pulls a brave move on Lorenzo. Takes 3rd.
Lap 2: Now that's the first lap done and dusted with Marquez in the lead. The Hondas are trying to make a getaway ... just about. Hector Barbera gets a ride through for a jump start. Not a good start, eh?
Lap 1: The lights go off and the German GP is a go. Marquez makes a getaway as do Pedrosa and Lorenzo. Rossi is making quick progress, so far, up to 6th place.
Preview: Welcome to the GoPro Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland at Sachsenring, Germany. It has been a soggy weekend, but let’s hope the rain stays away for at least the duration of the race. The circuit hosted the first MotoGP race in 1998. There have been several changes to the circuit since then, making Sachsenring one of the slower tracks on the calendar. But there is bound to be some gripping, nail-biting action. Pole-sitter Marc Marquez is raring to stake a claim on the top step of the podium—he already has four wins to his name here. Pramac Ducati’s Danilo Petrucci and Dani Pedrosa make up the front row on the grid and if qualifying was anything to go by, they will keep the pressure on Marquez. Be prepared for a breathless, mad dash to the finish line. The race starts at 1200 GMT. Let the games begin!
Temp: 18°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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