Austrian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Red Bull Ring - 13th August
Fastest Lap - J.Zarco 1:24.312
Rider Team Time FLs
2 1
Ducati Team 39:43.323 0 25
1 2
Repsol Honda Team +0.176 1 20
8 3
Repsol Honda Team +2.661 0 16
3 4
Ducati Team +6.663 1 13
6 5
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +7.262 1 11
4 6
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +7.447 0 10
7 7
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +8.995 1 9
17 8
Pull and Bear Aspar Team +14.515 0 8
12 9
Reale Avintia Racing +19.620 0 7
18 10
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +19.766 0 6
10 11
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +20.101 0 5
15 12
OCTO Pramac Racing +25.523 0 4
20 13
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +26.700 0 3
11 14
Pull and Bear Aspar Team +27.321 0 2
9 15
LCR Honda +28.096 0 1
21 16
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +32.912 0 0
14 17
Reale Avintia Racing +34.112 0 0
22 18
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +36.423 0 0
24 19
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +42.404 0 0
23 20
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +52.492 0 0
19 -
EG 0,0 Marc VDS Crashed Out 0 0
5 -
OCTO Pramac Racing Retired 0 0
13 -
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Retired 0 0
16 -
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Retired 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Andrea Dovizioso took the top step of the podium after a hard-won battle with championship leader Marc Marquez. The Ducati rider managed to out-race and outsmart the Spaniard, as the two changed places throughout the race. Lorenzo started off well, leading the pack in the beginning, but soon had to make way for Marquez and Dovi. Pedrosa fought his way from the back to take third place. A mistake by Rossi put paid to his podium dreams as he ended the race in 7th, one place behind his teammate Maverick Vinales.

Marquez has extended his championship lead, but Vinales loses his second place to Dovi, who collected 158 points.

Next up is rainy Britain and Silverstone on August 27. See you then.
Lap 28: Dovi is holding steady. A little wheelie from Marquez. But looks like Dovi is too fast and too ahead. Dovi shuts the door. Marquez pulls every trick he has, but Dovi is just too smart and too fast! Marquez pulls an aggressive move on Dovi, but the Ducati rider outsmarted him. ANDREA DOVIZIOSO WINS!
Lap 27: It's the penultimate lap and Marquez is trying to catch Dovi. But Dovi is a man with a mission. He wants that top step of the podium after his loss last year. Marquez hunkers down and is trying to catch up. So close to Dovi's rear wheel. But not enough. This is going to go down to the last corner.
Lap 26: Marquez tries to make his move but makes a tiny mistake and goes a tad wide. That cost him 4/10ths of a second. Has Marquez lost his advantage?
Lap 25: Dovi and Marquez pull away from the rest of the pack. Pedrosa is trying to catch up, but the top two are in a league of their own. Marquez is all over Dovi's rear.
Lap 24: Marquez is waiting to make his move. He is on the limit.
Lap 23: The two Hondas are shadowing Dovi. Lorenzo is far, far away in comparison. Replay of the earlier battle: Packed like sardines! Looked like they almost exchanged paint.
Lap 22: Marquez and Dovi go side by side past the start-finish straight and Dovi squeezes past Marquez. But Marquez fights right back. The two battle. Side by side once again. They take no prisoners. Pedrosa joins in. All three side-by-side at one point. Dovi is now back in the lead.
Lap 21: Miller crashes. Rider ok! Dovi is shadowing Marquez and waiting for the right moment.
Lap 20: Pedrosa is trying to keep up with the top two riders. He has broken away from Lorenzo, but Dovi and Marquez are just too speedy. Deep breaths, Marquez makes his move and passes Dovi. Smooth like butter.
Lap 19: Dovi has made that pass stick. He is trying to make a getaway. The pressure is on. Gigi Dall'igna looks calm and pleased as punch.
Lap 18: Pedrosa slipstreams past Lorenzo. That was a smooth, effortless move. Dovi passes Marquez. Dovi LEADS! The Honda rider made a rare mistake, went wide.
Lap 17: Marquez is not giving an inch. He hasn't won here in the MotoGP class, a rarity. Plus, he wants to extend his championship lead. So expect a battle.
Lap 16: Pedrosa is just waiting for Lorenzo to make a mistake. Dovi is catching up on Marquez. Dovi is getting ready to make his move it looks like.
Lap 15: The top two are making a getaway from the rest. Pedrosa is inching closer and closer to Lorenzo. He looks like he is going to make his move any minute.
Lap 14: Rossi goes wide. That's a terrible mistake. Vinales takes advantage of that and moves into 6th. Rossi has to start from scratch. But the race is not over yet. Dovi is not letting Marquez get away. Keeping him honest.
Lap 13: Marquez leads and is already pulling away. Meanwhile Zarco manages to make his way past Rossi and Pedrosa took advantage of that drive and took 4th place away from both of them.
Lap 12: Here comes Marquez again. Nearly side by side, but Lorenzo is on to his tricks. Lorenzo, Marquez and Dovi side by side. Dovi stole the top spot from Marquez, but the Honda rider took it right back. Nearly touched, but not quite.
Lap 11: Marquez now sets about the business of catching Lorenzo. He immediately shaves off time and is .170s behind the Ducati rider. He is right on Lorenzo's rear tyre. Just a hair's breadth away.
Lap 10: Zarco is trying his best to get past Rossi, but Rossi is too busy trying to figure out a way past Marquez. Meanwhile, Pedrosa seems to be catching up. Fantastic. Marquez makes his move and sneakily gets past Dovi and takes back his 2nd place. Thank you very much.
Lap 9: Looks like everyone seems to be waiting for the other to make a mistake. This is really close racing! Lorenzo has managed to stay ahead, just about. But Dovi is a man on a mission. He is slicing his lead steadily.
Lap 8: It's a tight, close little bunch right now. Lorenzo has not been able to get away. Zarco takes a peek, and Dovi passes Marquez. Marquez is right on Dovi's taillights. He is not going to let the Ducati rider get away.
Lap 7: As they crossed the line to start lap 7, Dovi has a peek and things better of it. Petrucci pits. Zarco sets a new record. 1:24.312. He is on the move. Watch out Rossi!
Lap 6: Dovi is closing on Marquez and Lorenzo slowly but surely. Looks like he is biding his time. Both the Ducatis are on softer rears. Marquez is on hard rear optoin.
Lap 5: Rossi clocks in the fastest lap. 1:24.443 now. Still running in 4th place. He is on the charge. Marquez is eating into Lorenzo's lead. He has to. Dovi is right behind, waiting to make a move.
Lap 4: Vinales goes wide and drops down. A big error. He loses his place to Zarco and Pedrosa. Folger enters the pits. Not a nice birthday present for the Monster Tech rider. Oh No. No jump start.
Lap 3: Lorenzo is just about a second ahead of Marquez. Rossi is trying to hold off Vinales who tries to make a pass but can't make it stick. Pol Espargaro has entered the pits. He lost his rear brakes.
Lap 2: Rossi and Dovi battle for 2nd spot. Lorenzo is still in the lead. How long will he be able to hold them off? Dovi is getting ready to attack Marquez. Close but not too close. Rossi has to deal with Vinales now who is getting ready to attack him. Lorenzo clocks in the fastest lap.
Lap 1: The 11th round of MotoGP is a go with Marquez in the lead. Lorenzo takes the second place and then passes Marquez. Rossi has picked up three places and is holding off Pedrosa at 4th place. Marquez has Andrea Dovizioso and Rossi to deal with. A lot of action right off the bat.
Preview: Determined to solidify his championship claim, Marc Marquez clocked in a picture-perfect time during Saturday’s qualifying at the Red Bull Ring, Austria, and took the 70th pole of his career. The only other person who managed to get a little close to the Spaniard was Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso and his teammate Jorge Lorenzo. They start from 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Maverick Vinales, who initially looked like he would challenge for the front row, lines up 4th on the grid. He is still unhappy with his bike, unlike teammate Valentino Rossi who starts from 7th. 2016 winner Andrea Iannone starts from 10th on the grid. Thankfully though the weather played nice. It stayed overcast, but dry on Saturday. Here's hoping the weather stays sane. See you at 12pm GMT.
Temp: 19°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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