Race Ended
Phillip Island - 22nd October
Fastest Lap - J.Zarco 1:29.572
Rider Team Time FLs
1 1
Repsol Honda Team 40:49.772 1 0
7 2
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +1.799 0 0
2 3
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +1.826 1 0
3 4
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +1.842 1 0
10 5
LCR Honda +3.845 0 0
4 6
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +3.871 0 0
5 7
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +5.619 1 0
13 8
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +12.208 0 0
6 9
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +16.251 0 0
9 10
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +16.262 0 0
20 11
OCTO Pramac Racing +21.652 0 0
12 12
Repsol Honda Team +21.668 0 0
11 13
Ducati Team +21.692 0 0
15 14
Pull and Bear Aspar Team +26.110 0 0
16 15
Ducati Team +26.168 0 0
14 16
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +26.252 0 0
22 17
Pull and Bear Aspar Team +36.377 0 0
17 18
Reale Avintia Racing +36.654 0 0
23 19
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +40.400 0 0
19 20
Reale Avintia Racing +45.901 0 0
18 21
OCTO Pramac Racing +48.768 0 0
21 22
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +57.711 0 0
8 -
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Crashed Out 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: What a fantastic race! The riders changed places faster than the cameras could pan, with close racing on almost all the laps. All bets were off till the last few laps, as the lead changed hands several times over. As the lights turned green, Jack Miller pipped Marc Marquez for the lead and stayed ahead, until Rossi struck. A series of battles between Marquez, Maverick Vinales, Johann Zarco and Valentino Rossi followed with occasional attacks courtesy a renewed Andrea Iannone in proper form. Marquez finally managed to open up a lead towards the last few laps taking a well-fought first place. Rossi followed suit with a hard-won 2nd place. Zarco was in attack mode throughout, trying every trick in his book, only to lose his hard-won 3rd place to Maverick Vinales. Phillip Island always brings out the best in every rider and that was evident throughout the race. Marquez has managed to extend his lead in the championship, even as Dovizioso's Australian round was nothing much to write home about. The MotoGP circus is now off to Sepang, Malaysia. Will the 2017 champion be crowned there? Tune in on Oct 29 to find out.
Lap 27: Marquez takes advantage and is powering ahead on the last lap. Rossi is trying to hold on to his position, but trying not to leave a door open. Vinales is looking for a way past Zarco. Marquez has opened up a lead. But the battle to watch is for second with Rossi is defending his position brilliantly. MARQUEZ WINS!! Rossi holds on to his second place by the hair of his skin. And Zarco loses his 3rd place to Vinales just on the line!
Lap 26: Iannone tries to fight Rossi but has Vinales to deal with. Zarco makes a very aggressive move on Rossi with Zarco almost touching. But Rossi fights back and holds onto the 2nd.
Lap 25: Marquez is just about a second ahead. The biggest gap so far Rossi. Meanwhile, Iannone comes in and tries to get past but Zarco fights and Italian loses two places to 4th. Iannone and Zarco battle, but now Rossi joins the fray and takes 3rd place.
Lap 24: Zarco is trying to catch Marquez, but Rossi attacks and squeezes past Zarco who also has an attacking Iannone to contend with. Marquez is not leaving any stone unturned. He is powering ahead.
Lap 23: Zarco tries to use the inside line to move past Rossi, but as they go past the southern loop has Iannone to deal with suddenly. Zarco and Rossi battle it out and the Frenchman makes it stick. Marquez is using the madness behind to escape. But Zarco is catching up.
Lap 22: Zarco goes way around Vinales and comes out of nowhere and is now in 3rd. Don't place your bets yet!
Lap 21: Marquez and Vinales have managed to just about break away from the pack. As the Honda rider tries to get past, Rossi has Zarco to deal with.
Lap 20: Vinales is still in the lead and Marquez just about manages to nudge past Rossi. Looks like Marquez rubbed past Rossi and he has lost his position and is down to 4th.
Lap 19: Everyone is side by side! Now, Vinales is in the lead! Marquez is hunting Rossi. Iannone has pushed Zarco aside. Meanwhile Dovi just can't shake off Pedrosa who is not letting the Ducati rider go.
Lap 18: Rossi takes back the lead, thank you very much. But Zarco fights back and gets past. They are changing places fast. Marquez and Iannone battle it out meanwhile. Dovi has finally managed to get past Pedrosa.
Lap 17: Zarco takes the inside at turn 4 and goes past Rossi. Vinales is now hunting his teammate. Oh. While everyone is busy watching the top 3 contenders, Iannone strikes and moves past Marquez.
Lap 16: Marquez looks like he is lining up Rossi. But Zarco sneaks past and takes back his second while Marquez was trying to play shark! Zarco is now lining up Rossi but doesn't try anything. Vinales meanwhile sneaks past Marquez.
Lap 15: Marquez passes Zarco and is up in second place, but he fights back and takes his position back, thank you very much. Marquez and Zarco side by side but the Spaniard wins that round.
Lap 14: Rossi gets Marquez in an unguarded movement and then, picks the right moment to get past Zarco. That's fantastic brake work right there. Rossi is back in the lead.
Lap 13: Rossi manages to get past Miller and stay ahead, but barely. Miller tries to get past and makes it stick. Rossi fights back. Though it is a tyre game at the end of the day. So, the jury is out.
Lap 12: Rossi considers passing Miller, but decides against it. Meanwhile Iannone on the Suzuki has come up behind Vinales and is itching to get past.
Lap 11: Things seem to have settled down a bit after that mad dash. Dovi though tries to climb up but stays steady in 12th. Rossi is trying to stay ahead of Vinales.
Lap 10: Marquez goes alongside Zarco, but the Frenchman holds on. Miller passes Rossi and takes 3rd place.
Lap 9: Rossi goes wide and drops to 3rd place, with Zarco now in the lead.
Lap 8: Marquez tries to use the slipstream to pass Rossi. But the Doctor is having none of it. Aleix Espargaro goes down at Turn 1. Rider ok. Zarco takes advantage of a teeny Marquez mistake and takes second place. Dovi meanwhile has managed to get up to 12th. The Ducatis are suffering on this track.
Lap 7: Marquez tries to slipstream Vinales. And then passes Vinales to take second place at the southern loop. Rossi is up next. Zarco and Miller battle for 5th. But Zarco is not giving up and makes it stick. The riders are changing positions faster than you can blink.
Lap 6: As they start the lap, Rossi and Vinales go side by side but Vinales takes the lead in the first corner. Marquez takes advantage and takes 3rd. Rossi is now back in the lead. MIller has been pushed back to the 4th and goes a little wide. Zarco has been waiting for a mistake and takes immediate advantage.
Lap 5: Miller though, on his Honda, is speeding head, .785s ahead of Vinales. Rossi passes Vinales and takes second in a butter smooth move. Miller's advantage has been halved though. Rossi is hunting Miller now.
Lap 4: Zarco and Aleix Espargaro battle for 5th and the Frenchman makes it stick. Marquez is still shadowing Rossi who is chasing his teammate Vinales.
Lap 3: Zarco and Marquez touch as the Frenchman tries to get past. he went in too hot. Rossi takes advantage and gets past Marquez. Marquez is tailing Rossi and tries to get past, but Rossi holds steady.
Lap 2: Iannone and Rossi are doing a bit of battle. Watch out for Zarco though who has just passed Iannone and is hunting the Doctor and passes him neatly. A brief re-run shows Dovi going a bit wide and he is down at the 20th. Not good news for the championship contender.
Lap 1: And the lights go off and they are a go! It's partly cloudy but the skies are blue. Marc Marquez gets knocked off the lead though with Miller in the lead. Rossi is up to 5th but Miller is powerful. He has opened up a gap and Rossi is carving his way up to the 4th. They are motivated!
Preview: The MotoGP circus made its way to Phillip Island, Australia over the week and spent a lot of time looking up at the sky, as dark clouds threatened to empty themselves on Saturday. Luckily, the rain stayed away during the qualifying session even as Marc Marquez blasted his way to the top of the charts, one second clear of his title contender, and took his 72nd career pole. Keeping him honest and on his toes will be Yamaha rider Maverick Vinales who seems to have evaded the ill luck that has dogged his footsteps so far. He takes the second place on the grid followed by Frenchman Johann Zarco still on the hunt for his maiden MotoGP win. Andrea Iannone managed to redeem himself (and his Suzuki) and lines up in 4th place. Let’s hope he manages to translate this into something substantial. The star of Qualifying, though, was Jack Miller who rode as if his broken leg was non-existent and took 5th place. The Doctor struggled yet again as did Cal Crutchlow and Jorge Lorenzo. Championship contender Andrea Dovizioso struggled with lady luck as well and takes 11th place. Though, don’t bet on him staying there for too long, once the lights go off on Sunday morning.
Temp: 16°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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