Malaysian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Sepang International Circuit - 29th October
Fastest Lap - A.Dovizioso 2:13.084
Rider Team Time FLs
3 1
Ducati Team 44:51.497 5 25
6 2
Ducati Team +0.743 7 20
2 3
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +9.738 4 16
7 4
Repsol Honda Team +17.763 1 13
1 5
Repsol Honda Team +29.144 0 11
13 6
OCTO Pramac Racing +30.380 0 10
4 7
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +30.769 0 9
11 8
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +35.238 0 8
5 9
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +38.053 0 7
12 10
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +39.847 0 6
15 11
Pull and Bear Aspar Team +42.559 0 5
16 12
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +44.602 0 4
14 13
OCTO Pramac Racing +48.696 0 3
20 14
Reale Avintia Racing +50.058 0 2
10 15
LCR Honda +50.705 0 1
22 16
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +56.397 0 0
9 17
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +58.391 0 0
19 18
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +85.571 0 0
8 -
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Black Flagged 0 0
18 -
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Crashed Out 0 0
21 -
Pull and Bear Aspar Team Crashed Out 0 0
17 -
Reale Avintia Racing Crashed Out 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: The mindblowing madness of last weekend's race gave way to a stressful, fingers-crossed one in Sepang. With a wet race in play and iffy rain that came down on parts of the track, the big question was whether this would be the championship decider. And it wasn't! A masterful Zarco led most of the race even as Lorenzo gave chase. Marquez and Dovi had a brief battle, which the Italian won. The race ended with two Ducatis taking the first and second spots on the podium with Zarco coming a distant third. The Yamahas had a terrible day in office with Rossi at 7th and Vinales at 9th. The championship will now be decided at the final race of the season: Valencia. See you in two weeks.
Lap 20: Steady does it on the final lap. No major fireworks so far. The championship is not over. This will go to Valencia. Meanwhile, the rain is not letting up. DOVI WINS! Dovizioso takes his 6th victory of the season. He keeps the championship alive. Lorenzo and Zarco will be keeping him company on the podium.
Lap 19: At the penultimate lap and it is all quiet and steady. Dovi has managed to maintain his gap and is extending it slowly.
Lap 18: Dovi has now extended that gap to 1.1s. Rossi has now managed to get up to 7th. He has been quiet so far. It has started raining now.
Lap 17: And Lorenzo goes wide. And Dovi leads the race! But that was not deliberate. Lorenzo nearly lost his front. Dovi has now managed to open up a gap.
Lap 16: Lorenzo and Dovi keeping it honest so far. Will the championship be decided today? Or will it all boil down to Valencia? It's the big question. Meanwhile, Dovi has cut the gap down and is now .4s behind Lorenzo. Dovi has just about managed to catch up to Lorenzo.
Lap 15: Team communication to Lorenzo to change maps. But nothing else so far. That is the question. Gigi Dall'Igna looks incredibly calm and collected. Zarco is keeping it steady in 3rd place.
Lap 14: The gap between Lorenzo and Dovi is just about consistent. Though Dovi clocks in another fastest lap. As things stand, Marquez is at 282 points and Dovi at 26 points behind. Lorenzo manages to stay ahead of his teammate just about. And now brings the gap up to a second. He is increasing the gap.
Lap 13: Dovi now clocks the fastest lap. The two teammates are exchanging fastest laps. Rossi is now at 8th and has clocked in his personal best today, but still two seconds off the leaders. Lowes has retired. Rossi and Redding battle and the Italian makes it past.
Lap 12: Lorenzo has just clocked in the fastest lap of the race with 2.13.226. Looks like Zarco is having rear tyre problems. Has a bit of a moment. Rins has been black flagged. Marquez has a bit of a moment too with a bit of wheel spin, thanks to tyre wear.
Lap 11: RINS enters the pits. Dovi is just about .4s behind his teammate. This will be interesting. But let's not forget Marquez who is in 4th but is sure to make a move on Zarco.
Lap 10: Lorenzo clocks in the fastest lap. And will there be team orders? RINS crashes again. Rejoins the race. Dovi is slowly catching up to his teammate. There is still a ways to go.
Lap 9: Lorenzo is right behind Zarco and he dives through and leads the race. He has made it stick. When will Dovi make him move? KAREL ABRAHAM crashes out. Dovi passes Zarco smooth as butter and has made it stick. SAM LOWES CRASHES. Rider ok. He rejoins the race.
Lap 8: Lorenzo has shaved off even more time off Zarco's lead. Now the gap is .5s. There is the promise of a good fight ahead. Dovi has clocked in yet another fastest lap. Just 6/10ths of a second behind his teammate.
Lap 7: Lorenzo has been slowly shaving time off Zarco's lead, steadily. Now less than a second behind the Frenchman. Dovi clocks in the fastest lap. He is trying to catch up to his teammate and get away Marquez. The question though is will Lorenzo help his teammate Dovi along for victory?
Lap 6: ALEX RINS CRASHES. Rider ok. He rejoins the race. Sam Lowes came in for a flag to flag and he has rejoined the race. BAZ CRASHES. Rider ok. He is walking away.
Lap 5: Dovi tries again to look for a way past. Finds a way and takes 3rd place and now is trying to get away. It's time to chase Lorenzo. SAM LOWES CRASHES. RIDER OK. He rejoins the race. Vinales is way below. He has been really suffering. He is not even in the points right now.
Lap 4: Pol Espargaro passes Rossi who slides down to 11th. Lorenzo tries to catch up to Zarco who is steaming ahead. The Spaniard clocks in the fastest lap. The gap now is 1.4s. Dovi is trying to figure out a way past Marquez. And manages to slide past just about. He makes it stick and then goes wide. Marquez takes advantage of that and the two touch, barely.
Lap 3: Rossi is slowly paving his way up. This has been a terrible start for him. All quiet up front with the leaders. Zarco is keeping his lead steady. Dovi takes a peek but doesn't really make a move. The rain is playing spoilsport and the spray is blinding.
Lap 2: Zarco's getaway at the front is massive. He is chasing his first MotoGP win. Will he finally be on the top step? Marquez is comfortable in the 3rd spot but he has to keep an eye on Dovi. Rossi has managed to get up to 11th. The Yamahas are suffering with Vinales in 13th. They are not in a happy place. Marquez clocks in the fastest lap as Dovi tries to close up. Let the mind games begin!
Lap 1: And the lights go off on what has been a rainy race day Sunday. Will the track dry out? Or will the heavens open up once again? Is this going to be a bike swap race? Everyone is looking up at the sky, and well, everyone is wondering if a new champion will be crowned today. What a start from Marquez. He got himself the second spot. Meanwhile contact with Pol Espargaro and Rossi and the two slip to 12 and 13. Dovi had a terrible start but has managed to pick up a few places and is now targetting Marquez. Zarco has managed to get away with a 1.8s lead! Pedrosa and Dovi battle for positons but the Ducati rider makes it stick.
Preview: The penultimate round of the 2017 MotoGP season is finally here with the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang, and chances are, today, we will see the crowning of the new 2017 MotoGP world champion. Of course, it’s not like all bets are off. Not by a long shot. There is the supremely determined Andrea Dovizioso who has made the Ducati sing to him this season and is chasing Marc Marquez for important points this race, and lines up third on the grid post a masterful qualifying. Dovi was a mere .024 seconds off pole and was pipped at the very last moment by surprise, surprise, Dani Pedrosa (who will lead from pole) and Johann Zarco. There is also the Yamahas with Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales lining up in the second row—both have had a strong showing so far. The championship leader Marquez, has not had a very good one Malaysian weekend with a crash during the qualifying session. He will start seventh on the grid. The question, to be asked, though, is, will we see a champion crowned? We will just have to wait and see.
Temp: 33°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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