San Marino Grand Prix
Race Ended
Misano World Circuit - 9th September
Fastest Lap - A.Dovizioso 1:32.678
Rider Team Time FLs
4 1
Ducati Team 42:05.426 3 25
5 2
Repsol Honda Team +2.822 1 20
6 3
LCR Honda +7.269 0 16
10 4
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +14.687 0 13
3 5
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +16.016 0 11
11 6
Repsol Honda Team +17.408 0 10
7 7
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +19.086 0 9
13 8
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +21.804 0 8
15 9
Angel Nieto Team +23.919 0 7
9 10
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +27.559 0 6
8 11
Alma Pramac Racing +30.698 0 5
12 12
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +32.941 0 4
19 13
LCR Honda +33.461 0 3
16 14
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +35.686 0 2
14 15
Ducati Team +35.812 0 1
17 16
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +46.500 0 0
1 17
Ducati Team +46.614 1 0
2 18
Alma Pramac Racing +50.593 0 0
25 19
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +55.168 0 0
24 20
Angel Nieto Team +62.255 0 0
21 21
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +69.475 0 0
23 22
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +72.608 0 0
26 23
Reale Avintia Racing +1 Lap 0 0
20 -
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Retired 0 0
22 -
Reale Avintia Racing Crashed Out 0 0
18 -
HRC Honda Team Crashed Out 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: A fantastic win for Ducati at their home circuit. Would have been even better had Lorenzo not crashed out in the dying moments, but they will take it. THIS IS THEIR FIRST HOME WIN IN 11 YEARS! Casey Stoner was the last winner for them here, way back in 2007. It is also their third consecutive win this season.

Spare a thought for Lorenzo. The Spaniard was firm favourite heading into the race but as they say - IT IS NOT OVER, TILL IT IS REALLY OVER. Understandably, the Ducati rider is downcast.

Marquez and Honda will not mind the Lorenzo crash one bit. They get a 2-3 with Crutchlow doing well to get onto the podium. Rins held his own in the Suzuki and finished fourth.

Not quite what the doctor ordered for Valentino Rossi. He finishes a lowly 7th in his Yamaha with teammate Vinales getting into 5th.

So this is how the Riders' Standing reads -

1. Marquez - 221.

2. Dovizioso - 154.

3. Rossi - 151.

4. Lorenzo - 130.

5. Vinales - 125.

The teams stack up thus -

1. Repsol Honda - 297.

2. Ducati - 284.

3. Movistar Yamaha MotoGP - 275.

4. Team Suzuki EcStar - 171.

5. Alma Pramac Racing - 171.

So that is all from the San Marino GP. It was a disappointment after the British GP was cancelled due to rain and the next race is in Spain, on the 23rd of this month. Can Lorenzo and Rossi catch up with Marquez? Don't forget, Dovizioso is in the frame as well. Do join in at 2 pm local time (1200 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
Lap 27: The final lap... and Marquez needs to race out of his skins to overcome 2.8 seconds. Can he do it? No. He can't. The chequered flag is out and DOVIZIOSO WINS THE SAN MARINO GP! Marc Marquez and Cal Crutchlow make up the podium.
Lap 26: LORENZO SLIDES OUT! Dear oh dear, the first blunder from the Ducati rider all weekend and at what time has it come? With the race about to get over. He brakes hard into the hairpin at Turn 8 and then rolls into the corner. Marquez says thank you very much while Crutchlow moves to third. The Ducati rejoins in 12th.
Lap 25: 2 laps to go and the Ducati team is looking pumped up. The guy holding the signboard for the riders to see the gap indicates a thumbs up to Dovizioso and Lorenzo, eager for a 1-2 finish.
Lap 24: 3 laps to go and Dovizioso continues to lose time to the couple behind him. Meanwhile, the camera focusses on the 'Doctor' who does not seem to be having a good day at the clinic. Rossi is still in 8th spot.
Lap 23: Dovizioso has eased it off a bit in the last couple of laps. Lorenzo and Marquez are gaining on him nearly half a second every lap but guess they do not have enough time to challenge him. Or do they?
Lap 22: 5 laps to go now. Dovizioso is in his own world, with around 2 seconds ahead of Lorenzo. There is a bit of a battle between the latter and Marquez for the second spot. But after that, it seems like a rally and not a race. A big gap from the rest.
Lap 21: Another retirement now. Pol Espargaro has called it quits. Not quite sure whether it is a bike issue or a fitness one. Will keep you updated as and when we get to know.
Lap 20: Lorenzo makes a brave move at Turn 12 and goes on the inside of Marc Marquez. Moves into second position. But hello - teammate Dovizioso is 2.437 seconds ahead of him. If Lorenzo manages to win this race, boy we are going to have some great excitement.
Lap 19: Now Bradl crashes out. It actually becomes the third crash of the race but because Miller rejoined, Bradl becomes the second rider after Simeon to be ruled out of the race. He tried coming in a bit too quickly at Turn 1 but could not handle the force. Race over.
Lap 18: Many times, when two people are engrossed in a tough battle, someone else gets the benefit of that. The focus is mainly on the second and third spots right now, with Marquez and Lorenzo fighting it out but behind them, Crutchlow is gaining some time in every lap.
Lap 17: 10 laps to go and Marquez gets his place back again! Excellent cat-and-mouse race. Meanwhile, the race leader has pulled up a 1.8 second lead over the two riders.
Lap 16: 'Give me my position back!' Marquez overtook Lorenzo on the inside, so he is now overtaken on the outside! Superb racing by both the riders and we are back to Ducati 1-2.
Lap 15: Among the top 5 riders, Rins is the only one on the Softs - the rear ones, that is. Still, he is not able to match up with the lap times set by the riders ahead of him.
Lap 14: Marquez into second! Boy, that was some breathtaking stuff from the Honda rider. Overtakes on the inside and now has Dovizioso in his eyeline - but more than 1.5 seconds ahead.
Lap 13: Meanwhile, somewhere out of the blue, Crutchlow is making his presence felt. He is now putting in quick lap times and seems to be the quickest in the third sector.
Lap 12: The two Ducatis are on the Medium compounds on both tyres while Marquez has a hard front tyre and a medium rear one. The gap between Dovizioso and Lorenzo is a good 1.2 seconds now while that between 2 and 3 is 1.4. Seems like Marquez lost quite a bit of time in this lap.
Lap 11: Bad boy! And given punishment. Petrucci tries to do a bit of a corner-cutting and gets a 1.1-second penalty. He tried to take a shortcut at turns 1 and 2. No shortcut to success, is there?
Lap 10: A 1:32.678 - the new fastest lap time. Put in by Andrea Dovizioso. He is trying to pull up a gap between Lorenzo and Marquez but the duo is breathing down his neck.
Lap 9: Just to give an update on Yamaha - Vinales, Rossi and Zarco are having a forgettable weekend.
Lap 8: Another overtaking scenario as Rins gets past Vinalez. He is charging up, can he get somewhere within catching distance of the top 3?
Lap 7: Marc Marquez puts in a 1:33.271, the fastest of the race so far.
Lap 6: We have a new race leader! Andrea Dovizioso has gone past his team mate. Somewhere in the middle, Pedrosa goes past Rossi. Not been a great weekend for the former champion.
Lap 5: Xavier Simeon becomes the first rider to crash out and be ruled out of the race.
Lap 4: As we approach the 4th lap, the top 3 are taking a significant lead from the rest of the pack. Rossi has moved to 7th but has to put in some quick lap times to move to the top of the order.
Lap 3: Uh-oh! Miller has crashed out! But he recovers quickly and rejoins the race. Currently in 25th position.
Lap 2: A bit of overtaking happening in Lap 2. Dovizioso gets past Miller, who is overtaken by Marquez as well. Lorenzo comfortably in first place.
Lap 1: The green lights are on and we are underway in Misano! Great start from Marquez as he moves to number 3, which means it is Ducati 1, 2 and 3. Not a great start from Valentino Rossi though, as he slips down to 8th. He started 7th.
Preview: Hello and a warm welcome to the next race in the MotoGP calendar. The venue is Misano, at San Marino. It was an action-packed qualifying on Saturday, full of drama with Marc Marquez making the headlines first, crashing out. However, the major news-setter was Jorge Lorenzo, whose Ducati broke his own 2016 pole lap record here, finishing with a 1:31.629 - his 4th pole at this circuit in 5 years. Jack Miller and Maverick Vinales make up the front row. Amongst the notable names, Marquez will start at 5th position while Valentino Rossi begins at 7th. Will 5-time world champion Lorenzo make a surge in the World Standings with a win? The race begins at 2 pm local time (1200 GMT). All in readiness for the race to begin. Conditions are perfect - bright and sunny. No chances of rain and we can expect a cracker of a race. The warm-up lap is in progress. A total of 27 laps are scheduled for this race. Interestingly, the last time a rider won a MotoGP race from pole position in San Marino was Dani Pedrosa for the Repsol Honda Team - WAY BACK IN 2010!!! Meanwhile, 2006 football world cup Champion, Marco Matarazzi is in the pits too. Issues straightaway! Petrucci seems to be having an issue with his bike and will start from the pit lane. This is just the warm-up lap. The race has not yet begun.
Temp: 27°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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