Aragon Grand Prix
Race Ended
Motorland Aragon - 23rd September
Fastest Lap - A.Dovizioso 1:48.385
Rider Team Time FLs
3 1
Repsol Honda Team 41:55.949 1 25
2 2
Ducati Team +0.648 2 20
5 3
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +1.259 0 16
9 4
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +2.638 0 13
6 5
Repsol Honda Team +5.274 1 11
13 6
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +9.396 0 10
7 7
Alma Pramac Racing +14.285 1 9
17 8
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +15.199 0 8
10 9
Alma Pramac Racing +16.375 0 7
14 10
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +22.457 0 6
19 11
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +27.025 0 5
11 12
LCR Honda +27.957 0 4
15 13
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +28.821 0 3
12 14
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +32.345 0 2
16 15
Angel Nieto Team +37.639 0 1
21 16
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +39.585 0 0
20 17
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +40.763 0 0
18 18
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +56.296 0 0
22 19
Reale Avintia Racing +58.981 0 0
23 20
Reale Avintia Racing +59.513 0 0
4 -
LCR Honda Crashed Out 0 0
8 -
Angel Nieto Team Crashed Out 0 0
1 -
Ducati Team Crashed Out 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: What a race. The crash of Lorenzo and Crutchlow set it up and then the drama never stopped. Dovizioso gained the race lead after Lorenzo's exit and after what happened at San Marino, it seemed like the Italian would pull away. But it wasn't to be.

Marc Marquez kept a close watch on the Ducati rider while he himself was being followed by Rins. There were plenty of cat-and-mouse battles between Marcquez and Dovizioso and at one particular moment, taking advantage of the two, Andrea Iannone went past both to be on top for a brief second, before parity was restored.

In the final few laps of the race, Marquez upped his pace and registered his fifth win of the season, while it is also his fourth in the premier class at Aragon.

THIS IS MARC MARQUEZ' 41ST WIN WITH HONDA ACROSS ALL CLASSES. He has now equalled Mike Hailwood to be on the joint-fourth place.

Let us have a look at the Riders' Championship Standings -

1. Marc Marquez - 246

2. Andrea Dovizioso - 174

3. Valentino Rossi - 159

4. Jorze Lorenzo - 130

5. Maverick Vinales - 130

A view at the Constructors' standings now...

1. Honda - 281

2. Ducati - 253

3. Yamaha - 202

4. Suzuki - 147

5. KTM - 44

6. Aprilia - 39

And finally, a view at the Team Standings too...

1. Repsol Honda Team - 333

2. Ducati Team - 253

3. Movistar Yamaha MotoGP - 289

4. Team Suzuki Ecstar - 200

5. Alma Pramac Racing - 187

Right then! That is all we have for you from this exciting Aragon GP. Marquez is itching closer and closer to seal the riders' championship title. If he wins two more races, he should seal the deal. Next stop - Thailand, October 7, 2018 at 2 pm local (0700 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
Lap 23: Into the last lap. Marquez' lead has come down below 0.3 seconds but surely that would be enough? Let's see... two corners left. The chequered flag is out and MARZ MARQUEZ WINS THE 2018 ARAGON GRAND PRIX!!! Dovizioso comes second while Iannone grabs a spot in the podium.
Lap 22: The difference behind Dovizioso is more than half a second. Looks like the Suzukis are content with third and fourth places.
Lap 21: And there we go again... Marc Marquez is the race leader for now. He has overtaken on the inside of Dovizioso and has now opened up a 0.315 seconds gap over the Italian.
Lap 20: The cat-and-mouse battle continues. Marquez overtakes Dovizioso at Turn 1 on the inside. Then the Italian gets it back.
Lap 19: What is happening? Oh my word... this will take some description. Marquez was trying to overtake Dovizioso and after showing great perseverance, he managed to do so. But then, he runs wide and the Italian manages to surge ahead. However, amidst all this drama, Iannone takes the number 1 spot by overtaking both! But not for long. Within the next Turn, Dovizioso gets his position back while Marquez overtakes Iannone. So lap 18 and lap 19 will see the drivers in the same position. Phew...
Lap 18: 5 laps to go... Dovizioso in the lead but the gap between him and Marquez is just 0.1 seconds.
Lap 17: Nothing much happening beyond the top 4 as Rins has opened up a gap of over 2.6 seconds from Pedrosa.
Lap 16: An update on Jorze Lorenzo - He has been diagnosed with a dislocated toe on the right foot. The next race is close to 15 days away - hope he recovers in time.
Lap 15: Not for long, not for long... as Dovizioso repeats the dose to Marquez! Only it is a separate Turn, number 5, to be precise, but the overtaking happened on the inside.
Lap 14: Brilliant riding from Marquez as he is the new race leader! Really smart riding from the Spaniard. He came in at Turn 12, attempting to overtake Dovizioso on the outside. The Italian tried to close that gap but then the Honda rider went in on the inside! Dovizioso had nowhere to go and had to allow Marquez to go through as else both would have crashed out.
Lap 13: Looks like a 2-bike race now. Marquez has opened up a gap of more than a second over Rins but that is not for long... ...because Iannone has gone past Rins for the third spot!
Lap 12: Half the race has been completed. The order stands thus far - 1. Dovizioso 2. Marquez 3. Rins 4. Iannone 5. Pedrosa
Lap 11: The top 3 seem to be breaking away from the rest now.
Lap 10: Marquez' response is to lap quicker. He does not set the fastest lap but has definitely started to up the pace. He has brought the difference between himself and Dovizioso to 0.23 seconds but the gap between him and Rins is a mere 0.012 seconds.
Lap 9: Oh ho! Rins issues a warning now - A 1:49.014 is now the fastest lap of the race!
Lap 8: An update on Lorenzo - He has been sent to the medical centre for a health check-up. Fingers crossed. Hope it is not a big injury...
Lap 7: Well, seems like the Italian has heard me. He has now started upping the pace with the Ducati pulling up a lead of 0.31 seconds over Marquez. Behind him, there seems to be a tough battle emerging between Marquez and Rins. The latter is sticking around with the Spaniard, making sure that he is visible in the Honda's rear mirrors.
Lap 6: Andrea Dovizioso still has the lead but is nothing similar to what he was at San Marino. In fact the top 6 are so close to each other that the collective difference is just a bit over a second.
Lap 5: Another crash. This time it is Crutchlow. So this is how the order reads now - 1. Dovizioso 2. Marquez 3. Rins 4. Iannone 5. Pedrosa Rossi, meanwhile, has come up to 9th.
Lap 4: We are getting reports of another crash. Ducati rider Alvaro Bautista won't take part in the race anymore. He too, seemed to have been a part of the Turn 1 drama.
Lap 3: Amidst all the drama, the 'Doctor' has made a good start too. He began the race from the 17th position but has now come up to 11th.
Lap 2: Andrea Dovizioso is now leading the timesheets. Marc Marquez did try to take advantage after what happened at Turn 1 but could not quite get the lead.
Lap 1: The Aragon GP is underway and oh dear!!! Jorze Lorenzo has crashed out of the race! Massive moment, especially for championship leader Marc Marquez. It all happened at Turn 1 when Lorenzo tried to overtake Dovizioso on the outside. Lost control and oops... like a jockey is thrown off the horse if it goes violent, the Italian was simply thrown off the bike. It ended up hitting him too, on the back. Hope that he is okay.
Preview: The bikers are onto their warm-up laps. The frontrunners are going in with a Hard tyres on both front and rear. Lorenzo is an exception, with a soft-hard. It will be interesting to see how does Rossi play this. About to start now... ----- Hello and a warm welcome to the next race in the MotoGP calendar. The venue is Aragon, in Spain. The Ducatis once again stole the show in qualifying on Saturday, with Jorge Lorenzo edging out his teammate, Andrea Dovizioso, by a mere 0.014 sec. It has been a dream run for Lorenzo with him taking his fourth pole of the 2018 MotoGP season. Marc Marquez of Respol Honda finished third. He will make up the front row along with the two. Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Iannone will round off the top five. Valentino Rossi will be highly disappointed as he qualified in 18th, his worst position since 2006. It has not been a good couple of seasons for the Italian. The five-time world champion, Jorge Lorenzo was tipped off to win the previous race at San Marino Grand Pix but unfortunately, he crashed out in the final laps. The local hero, Marquez is another favourite along with the Spaniard while Dovizioso will give them a tough run for their money. Expect a close battle. The race begins at 1200 GMT.
Temp: 30°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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