Thailand Grand Prix
Race Ended
Chang International Circuit - 7th October
Fastest Lap - M.Marquez 1:31.471
Rider Team Time FLs
1 1
Repsol Honda Team 39:55.722 4 25
3 2
Ducati Team +0.115 2 20
4 3
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +0.270 0 16
2 4
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP +1.564 2 13
8 5
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +2.747 0 11
11 6
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +3.023 0 10
5 7
LCR Honda +6.520 0 9
12 8
Angel Nieto Team +6.691 0 8
9 9
Alma Pramac Racing +9.944 0 7
10 10
Alma Pramac Racing +11.077 0 6
6 11
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +15.488 0 5
18 12
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +17.691 0 4
16 13
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +21.413 0 3
13 14
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +22.802 0 2
15 15
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +23.628 0 1
23 16
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +23.804 0 0
17 17
Angel Nieto Team +32.507 0 0
20 18
Reale Avintia Racing +37.216 0 0
21 19
Reale Avintia Racing +39.204 0 0
22 20
EG 0,0 Marc VDS +39.421 0 0
19 21
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing +53.388 0 0
14 22
LCR Honda +2 Laps 0 0
7 -
Repsol Honda Team Crashed Out 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Phew! Let us take a breather. What a race. Eventually, the man on pole has won the race but it never looked like it till the final Turn. It is his 7th win this season, but he had to work hard for the same. He was overtaken twice early on in the same lap, but then he kept the pressure on both, Rossi and Dovizioso. Then, the battle or shall we say, battles resumed with Dovizioso. In the last 5 laps, we had an overtaking maneuver almost every lap and it went on till the very last corner. This is how the top 5 look like -

1. Marquez

2. Dovizioso (0.115s)

3. Vinales (0.27s)

4. Rossi (1.564s)

5. Zarco (2.747s)

A look at the Championship standings -

1. Marquez - 271

2. Dovizioso - 194

3. Rossi - 172

4. Vinales - 146

5. Lorenzo - 130

That is all we have from here. The carnival now moves to Japan where Marquez has the chance to seal his title. Join us on Sunday, 21st October, 2018 at 2 pm local (0500 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
Lap 26: Final lap of the race. Three contenders. Who will win? Marquez! No, Dovizioso! Marquez again, no it is the latter! Final corner... and... it is close... and eventuallyyyy MARC MARQUEZ HAS WON THE INAUGURAL THAILAND GP!!! Boy, what a race. What riding. Dovizioso almost got it back but at the exit of the final Turn, the Spaniard trumps the Italian! Vinales ensures Yamaha is there on the podium.
Lap 25: Another move from Marquez at Turn 5! Gets the number 1 spot, only to give it back!
Lap 24: Just 2 laps to go and both Marquez and Dovizioso continue their cat-and-mouse battle. The former takes the lead at Turn 8 but the Ducati gets it back in the next corner.
Lap 23: 3 laps to go and the top 3 are separated by 0.1 seconds! Rossi seems to have settled for fourth but amongst the top 3, it could be anyone's win!
Lap 22: Another overtaking move! In fact a couple. Marquez responds to Vinales pumping in the heat and goes past Dovizioso but then runs wide at Turn 3. Dovizioso takes that opportunity and gets his position back. Vinales tries to go past Marquez but the latter is vigilant and defends him.
Lap 21: The gap between the two Yamaha riders is increasing now as Vinales is upping his pace. He firmly has Marquez in his sights and has opened up a gap of 0.7 seconds over Rossi, while he is lagging by just 0.2 seconds to the championship leader.
Lap 20: Probably, Vinales is now showing what he is capable of. He always had the pace but because he was not getting good starts, he was not able to strut his stuff. Today, he is cashing in on the opportunity.
Lap 19: Up the order, away from our eyes, Vinales has gone past Rossi. That is not what the doctor ordered but his team will not mind, as they will be eyeing at least one podium spot.
Lap 18: Dani Pedrosa is out of the race! Sad moment for him, he was looking good and was just upping his speed but while entering Turn 5, he slipped and went into Turn 5. His dejected face tells us all.
Lap 17: Majority of the riders have gone for two hard compounds on both front and rear while the likes of Zarco, Iannone and Bautista have gone for a front Medium and a rear Hard.
Lap 16: Around 10 laps to go and the top 5 are separated by just a second.
Lap 15: An overtaking report to boot as Vinales gets past Pedrosa for 4th. He is 0.3 seconds behind his teammate now.
Lap 14: The Yamahas seem to be having acceleration issues. The braking is fine but the former part is where Dovizioso and Marquez are better equipped.
Lap 13: No changes in the top 3 yet. It is still Dovizioso, Marquez and Rossi.
Lap 12: This is how the current rider standings read - 1.Marquez (246), 2. Dovizioso (174), 3. Rossi (159), 4. Lorenzo (130), 5. Vinales (130).
Lap 11: The duel between Dovizioso and Marquez continues, with the gap reading just 0.16 seconds.
Lap 10: Yamaha will hope that both Rossi and Vinales are definite contenders for a podium finish, but you never know.... currently in third and fifth for now.
Lap 9: Just to give you a bit of a flashback, Valentino Rossi missed out on pole by just 0.011 seconds. In the last race, he qualified 18th at Aragon. What a difference a week makes.
Lap 8: Meanwhile, there is a separate battle between Rins, Zarco and Pedrosa for the 6th spot.
Lap 7: Superb riding as Rossi suffers the fate which Marquez had earlier. He is overtaken by Dovizioso and then Marquez goes past him down the straight. Probably, the Yamaha rider did not quite make the exit correctly at Turn 1. So, the top 3 read thus - Dovizioso, Marquez and Rossi.
Lap 6: No overtaking reports upfront. Rossi is number 1 as of now but Dovizioso is making sure that the Italian does not go too far ahead.
Lap 5: We get the reports of a first crash as LCR Honda's Takaaki Nakagami slips out at the final turn.
Lap 4: It is the Doctor on top! Rossi goes past Marquez at Turn 3 and in the same lap, at turn 12, Dovizioso goes past the man in pole position! So it is now Rossi leading Dovizioso by 0.3 seconds.
Lap 3: This is the first ever MotoGP race in Thailand. The people have welcomed it with open arms and it is a packed view. Coming back to the race, no overtaking moves yet. Each rider is doing his job like an obedient child, not trying any antiques. Meanwhile, Marquez has opened up a 0.2 second lead over Rossi.
Lap 2: As far as the standings are concerned, Marquez has a 72-point lead over Dovizioso. Another couple of wins and the title will be his.
Lap 1: The five green lights are underway and the Thailand GP is underway!!! No drama on the opening lap. The positions stay as they were in qualifying.
Preview: Hello and a warm welcome to the Thailand GP. The conditions are bright and sunny with no rain forecast. The big news is that Jorge Lorenzo is not participating, after the crash he suffered in the previous race. Hopefully, we get a good race here. ----- It was the 50th GP pole for Marc Marquez as he ruled the roost in Thailand, enjoying the absence of Lorenzo who is sitting out this weekend, after his crash in the last race. What was noticeable though, was that after a couple of rough weekends, Valentino Rossi had a decent outing in qualifying, finishing second. And then of course, the ever-improving Dovizioso is not far behind. Will the Doctor get to his first victory in a long while? Or will Marquez register yet another win? The race begins at 2 pm local (0700 GMT).
Temp: 32°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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